Love Across the Rebellion

Amelia was born in the Capitol, she had grown up watching people on live tv every year die. Every year, she felt helpless, and dreaded watching The Hunger Games on television. When Amelia realises that a girl named Katniss Everdeen has sparked an uprising, she can't help but get involved, especially when she falls for a handsome boy from District 9. However, there's one thing standing in her way, she is President Snow's daughter.


1. The White Rose.

Ever since I remember, I had been forced to watch The Hunger Games. It was a Panem tradition, and seeing as I was from the most powerful family in all of Panem, I had to watch. The Hunger Games was an annual tv tradition where twenty four teenagers from the twelve districts were put into an arena to fight to the death. They could be from the ages of thirteen, to eighteen. Every year, I had to go to the interviews they had with Caesar Flickermann. Watch the teenagers, some a similar age to me, give interviews before they went into what would probably be their certain deaths. 

When the seventy fourth annual Hunger Games came around, I knew it would be different. A certain girl caught my eye, Katniss Everdeen, she was the same age as me when she went into the arena. My father always said how much he hated her, but I think that was because she was a threat.

My father is President Snow, who is in charge of Panem, and also in charge of the Hunger Games, and  who is responsible for millions of people's deaths. I am not proud that he is my father, and I doubt he's proud of me. 

After the Quarter Quell ended is when all the trouble started, there were apparently some rebels in the arena who had been plotting the whole time to overthrow the entire Games, and the Capitol. Everything went into a frenzy and the entire Capitol was under even stricter control than it usually was, especially me, as I was a prime target for the rebels. Being the President's daughter in the middle of an uprising probably isn't the best time to be around.

I was in my room when it all began, well, in one of my many rooms. Living at the mansion in the Capitol did have its perks after all. I remember it all so well. My best friend was with me, Chace, he had been my best friend for years, his mother had been very good friends with mine, so we'd grown up together. It was always assumed that when we were older, we'd get married, but I never had feelings like that for Chace. Even though he was very handsome, and quite a celebrity in the Capitol, even though he, like me, was only seventeen. 

"What do you think of all this quarter quell stuff then?" Chace said through a mouthful of toast, he had a habit of doing this, "Reckon Katniss is alive?" 

Chace and I had very different views when it came to the districts and the Hunger Games, he loved them, and looked forward to them every year, "I think she could be, but no one here can be sure, they did break our systems, they must be good at their job."

Chace scoffed at this, "Anyone in the districts is filth Amelia, you know this!" He turned to look out of my window, which looked over all of the Capitol, "Even if she is alive, we've got Peeta. I hope he gets what he deserves." Chace wasn't a bad person, it was just how he had been brought up, he was easily brainwashed with that type of thing, however, I wasn't, though in my father's presence, I was the best Capitol girl I could be.

I sat up straight, glaring at him, "No one is filth Chace! We all deserve to live happily, and have enough food. Here, in the Capitol, we are vomiting up our food so we can eat more!" I pause, and take a deep breath, "We're vile."

We'd had arguments like this before, but not as heated as this, you had to be careful about what you said in the Capitol, you never knew who could be watching.

Chace looked scared for a moment, "Amelia," he whispered, "You can't say things like that, just because you're Snow's daughter, doesn't mean you're invincible. No one is." 

"Katniss Everdeen obviously is, if she's alive." I snap at him, quite loudly so he flinches.

"Katniss Everdeen," He spits out her name like it's poison, "Is a traitor, she is a criminal, you saw for yourself when she shot the arrow through the force field!" 

I get up off my bed, and storm across to my door on the other side of the room, I point at it, "Leave. I do not want you here any longer."

Chace gets up, looking upset, "Look Amelia, I'm sorry, we should never discuss things like this. We did agree." He walks over to the door, his back hunched, it looked as though he was about to cry.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash, and before I knew it, about six peacekeepers stormed into my bedroom. You rarely saw them in the Capitol, they were mostly used for the districts. I was sure that my father would have never allowed them into my private bedroom either. Chace fell backwards onto my bed in shock, and I took a step backwards, pressing myself up against my window.

"Amelia Snow, we are here to take you to District 13." The peacekeeper at the front says, walking towards me. I was scared, and helpless, but weirdly, this interested me.

"But you're....peacekeepers..." I stammer, gesturing to the others, "There is no district 13."

"There is, and we've come to take you away." The peacekeeper looks at Chace, "And him too, he knows too much."

Before I know it, I'm handcuffed and pushed out of my bedroom, and that's when I started shoving and kicking, "Chace! Chace! They're going to kill us!" I scream, tears running down my cheeks. I realised that I am being kidnapped by the rebels, and there is nothing I can do about it. The next thing I see is a huge needle, and then everything goes black.

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