Living with 1 Direction

Will me and my sisters life Change once are older brother Harry go off and try to become famous? Will he forget us? Or will we live with him when we go on tour?Well lets see if he becomes famous


1. Harry Going On X-Factor

Christas P.O.V

I am so nervous, my brother is going on the X-factor.

Growing up, Harry always like to sing for me and my sister Melissa(Meli), My brother Harry was 10 and My sister was 8 and I was 6. Thats when he discovered he liked to sing. He sang One Last Breath by Creed. And since I was 6 he would always sing to me to help me fall asleep. Sometimes when he sung to me, I would wake up in his arms. Sometimes my sister would sing along.She had a beautiful voice. As we grew up my sister and I started to bond more. We would go shopping together or we would go hang with her friends, and we left harry Alone by himself I mean I felt bad and everything but we didn't think it would be that fun for him. 

When I was 12, I started going through a phase of getting myself introuble a lot. So he would be the one tto give me punishments, I loved Harry but his punishments were unfair. He like took away every electronic I had for like 6 months!! I couldn't deal with that. Oh and If i had a date with a boy he had to come with me! So I would never kiss the boy, I was pissed but he only did it because he loved me.

Melis' P.O.V

I love Harry, I really do but I am afraid of Harry not making it. He has a very fragile heart and if it gets crushed even a tiny bit, he will cry. He really has a good voice but I am afraid of Simon Cowell not liking it. I saw the auditions everyone of them is very talented. I know Christa love love loves to sing, and she is thinking about signing up and she has a very fragile heart, but if she signs up I fear her heart will be broken, she has a excellent voice and all. But, the judges aren't looking for that kind of voice I know it. 

-Time Skip to Harrys Turn-

Christas P.O.V

I am afraid, me and Meli are hugging each other. We were crying while he was singing, hoping that he would make it. The person that has the microphone came up to us and asked us questions.

"Why are you ladies crying?" he asked

"Well, we are Harrys' sisters and we love him dearly, were just hoping he makes it" I replied

"Aw, you two are very sweet" He said

"Thank you" we replied in unison

"So whose who, and how old are you both and can you sing?" He asked

"I am Christa the last child born, I am 12 and yes I can sing" I replied

"Lovely, and what about you miss?" He asked Meli

"I am Melissa, my nickname is Meli. I am the middle child and I'm 14. And yes I can sing" She said

"Well lovely, Nice meeting you two and I wish Harry luck" He said

Me and Melissa went back to hugging each other.and thats when Harry Finished and came off the stage.

"I saw you two crying, they pulled it up on staged I was kind of embarrassed but not so much." He said then came up and hugged us.

"Did you make it?" Meli asked

"No sadly, but I have to stay here till the end of the show I will see you tomorrow at home" he said and we left

"What do you think he has to say till after the show for?" She asked.

"Well who knows but I think its going to be a positive thing hopefully?" I said

When we got home we just sat in front of the telly and our eyes were glued to the show as we waited till the end!

"No way!!!!" we both said in unison.


Hey guys Its Datsecretnerd!!! Um I am really excited that I have my first Co-Author EVER!!!! Um if your wondering who it is its Princess Mellie Styles !!! She is really awesome and its an honor to have her be my Co-Author!!! Bye Guys Hope you liked the chapter!!

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