every thing i didn't say

i stare out my rain covered window taking in what i can of rhode island as we drive to the air port my parents are sending me to go live with my uncle paul but we won't be in one place for long my mum said i don't know why but i just said okay


1. not going to happen!

jessica's POV

as i got off my plane after it finally landed in london i looked for my uncle paul once i found him in ran and jumped into his arms he spun me around and i giggled like a little girl "your so grown up" he said i smiled "yeah I've changed just a little bit" i said laughing he chuckled "yeah just a little only blue hair and a lip piercing" he said i grabbed my bag and we headed for his car when we got to his hotel we went up to his room and i put my stuff on the extra bed "jessica i want you to meet some good friends of mine" he said i nodded with a smile when we were infant of another door he told me to be nice i shrugged when we walked in i heard guys yelling over food? i shrugged and we walked over to the kitchen area when i saw the five boys standing in front of me my mouth dropped open "i think she knows who we are" on of them said i don't know their names but what i DO know is that they are a bloody boy band "no not happening uncle paul that nope never good bye" i said walking away but he grabbed me by my waist and held me there i crossed my arms "whats the matter love?" one with curly hair asked i rolled my eyes "well 'love' i don't like boy bands" i said scoffing at the word boy bands they looked a bit taken back "no offense but you guys have a reputation for people like me" i said "people like you?" one with black hair that was in a quiff asked "ugh people like me as in people who listen to rock and roll you know fall out boy green day and nickel back" i said "oi who is listing off our Spotify list" i heard some one from behind me say paul let me go i turned around and saw three other guys standing there "no really paul another boy band" i said throwing my head back "hey we are not a boy band" said the one with curly blondish brown hair he looked at the 1 direction boys "no offense mates" he said they nodded i groaned and walked over to a couch and plopped down on it a boy with red hair walked in i couldn't see his face due to it being stuck in his phone i scoffed he plopped down on the couch next to me not even realizing i was there "how many other guys are there" i groaned getting up "this is all of us" niall aka blond boy said "good and thank you niall" i said he smiled at me i walked in the kitchen and jumped up on the counter and sat there "you don't think your going to get along with any of us do you?" zayn asked "no i think i might get along with you niall ashton and calum" i said liam luke louis and harry all looked at me "hey" they all said at the same time i giggled the boy with the red hair just ignored us all "who is the red head" i asked pointing to the guy now laying on the couch "thats michael he is usually up for meeting new people especially if they dye their hair i don't know why he isn't talking now" liam said "maybe i will get along with you liam" i said he nodded his head "oh well i don't care he can have fun ignoring me" i said hopping off the counter and grabbing my phone off of the stand next to the couch i saw the boy with red hair basically look up my shirt i rolled my eyes and walked away back to the counter and sat on it again i was texting my friend taylor when some one took my phone i looked up and saw the boy with red hair with my phone i reached to get it but he pulled it farther away "give me my phone" i said he shook his head i groaned and hopped off the counter as the rest of the boys watched us with amusement paul had to go do stuff i started chasing him around "i swear to god - whats his last name?" i asked "clifford" ashton said i nodded "clifford if you don't give me my phone you'll regret it" i said he stopped and i did to he turned to me smirking "I'm gonna wipe off that smirk" i said 'oooo' the other boys said we both rolled our eyes he held my phone up in the air i smirked my brothers friend did this to me before i walked up to him grabbed his shirt pulled his down our faces close together 'oooooh' the guys said again i reached up pulled his arm down and grabbed my phone i smirked and let go of his shirt and walked away "damn your good" luke said i bowed "why thank you" i said he chuckled i plopped down on the couch as i saw michael still standing there in shock where i left him i laughed "all boys are the same" i said and went on twitter 'guys are so gullible' i tweeted i got a few favorites and retweets i looked up and saw them all looking at me even red "take a picture it'll last longer" i said and i guess red thought he was being a smart ass he took a picture of me flipping him off i rolled my eyes and got up "I'm tired and going to bed good night" i said walking out of the room "night" i heard from almost every one only red didn't say anything i got a dm on twitter 'night'~michael5SOS i walked in paul's room he was laying down on his bed on his phone talking to some one "she's been a wonderful help and she is getting along with the boys well" i heard him say 'what do you mean boy' i heard i think my brother say "hey paul" i said "i gotta go" he said then hung up "hey sweetie every thing ok?" he asked i nodded "yup just tiered" i said he nodded "what was the yelling?" he asked "oh nothing no one is injured just showed them to never take my phone clifford was a victim of show" i said laying down "ahh well night" he said "night" i said and let the dark ness consume me


hey guys this is my new movella hope you enjoy it i will be putting up another chapter today because this on is so short ~jessica

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