After Dark

When Darcy Peters moves to a new town she never thought she'd be caught up in a supernatural war between vampires and ghosts, or would she fall in love with vampire hunter Luke.

"This town has an unwritten rule."

"Whats that?'

"Never go out after dark."


1. new everything

Darcy POV


I stared out the window at blurring trees as Nirvana played on the radio. I sing along softly with About a Girl as we cruised I looked into the review mirror on the side of our black Cadillac I saw the movers van.


My family was currently moving to Ravenswood (a/n I'm just making this up I'm Australian so I'll probably get every American reference wrong I apologise in advance) Oregon. We are originally from NY but my brother and I wanted to move to a small town and Shanelle's aunt passed away leaving Shanelle her house Ravenswood so here we are.


"Hey, look at the church it's like Jeepers Creepers come to life." My best friend Shanelle says pointing to a kinda creepy looking church it had a giant graveyard behind it which made me think of my parents who died last year. All of their blood was drained out of their body the police thought a messed up serial killer did it but their killer was never caught.


"Fuck it is creepy." Shanelle's boy friend Chaise says.


"Jeepers creepers where'd you get those peepers." My twin Eli sings quietly I giggle as we arrive to our new house listening to Come As You Are I think it's safe to say we arrived in style.


The house was huge it was two story, with a huge garden which needed some serious TLC oh well Eli and I would fix that.


All the houses around the street were quiet which is so different from New York. No kids rode in the streets on their bikes or scooters it was strange.


"It's so quiet." I say as I grab my duffle bag from the trunk (a/n I think in America its a trunk).


"Yeah not anymore knowing us our music will be complained about." Shanelle says as we walk in to our partially furnished house the living room was giant with a giant tv hanging against the mint green wall. There was a leather L shaped couch in the middle along with a glass coffee table.


"Well shit." Chaise says looking around. We enter the kitchen it was painted a creamy brown colour, it had a jet black backsplash it looked really good.


"Shanelle this is awesome." Eli says.


"It is aye." Shanelle replies.




We finished the tour and unpacked most boxes I was sitting in my bedroom. The upstairs level had 3 bedrooms since no one really wanted to sleep where Shanelle's aunt died we are going turn that into a recording studio.


I stood up in front of my full length mirror.


I'm not an attention whore or anything but I think I look disgusting today.


I was dressed in a My Chemical Romance tank top, black denim shorts and vans. My platinum blonde and midnight blue ombré hair was pulled into a messy bun a few strands of hair had escaped framing my oval face, I wore light make up just tinted moisturiser, sliver eye shadow and mascara framed my blue-green eyes.


I sucked in my belly, and grabbed the lose skin on my thigh, I watched it jiggle and I was disgusted in myself.


"Darcy we are going for dinner." Chaise says standing in my open door frame his blue eyes were a striking contrast against his caramel coloured skin.


"Okay." I say quietly I wasn't hungry I followed him out we head down stairs and find Shanelle and Eli play fighting.


"Go Shanelle!" Chaise and I yell in unison. Eli has her around the waist she brings her knee into his stomach, Eli staggers back with a grunt.


"Yeah Shanelly!" I call because she obviously won.


"You wanna go?" Eli asks me I run past him slapping his face he chases me out the front, I scream as he tackles me onto the grass he pins me, I attempt to squirm out of his tight grasp I'm laughing my head off, as Eli tickles my ribs I scream and laugh as tears roll down my face.


"Give up." Eli commands I giggle and slap his face playfully. I roll away Shanelle helps me pick dead grass off my back and hair. I look across the road three men and a woman stand there under the street light watching with a crazed look in their eyes, one of the men licks his lips as his turn red.... No I'm imagining things.


"Darcy get in the car." Shanelle says giving the people across the road a scared look I obey walking sitting shotgun the warm July air pulsed around us as we lowered the roof.


I play a Guns n Roses record. We drive with November Rain at full blast.


We arrived at a 50s themed diner it was cute I couldn't get those people out of my head though.


Luke POV


I was sitting at the bay window seat sharpening my wooden stake. I looked outside it was quite a sunny July day vampires weren't allergic to the sun but it make them very weak so they preferred the night life.


A black Cadillac rolled down the street blaring Come As You Are by Nirvana one of my favourites they defiantly arrived in style a movers van followed, ah so they are going to move into Mrs. Porter's house.


I felt bad about how Mrs. Porter was killed by a ghost her essence taken from her. Ash handled that ghost.


I watch as the new people got out the car. A girl with short blonde and brown dip dyed hair stepped out, her small body was tanned and she wore a blue tank top with black Nike shorts and no shoes. The next was a darker boy he had caramel coloured skin and dark hair, he wore jean cut offs and nothing else, the next was a another boy he had light brownish/blondish hair, he was dressed in a plain black t-shirt and blue surf shorts.


The last person caught my eye. A small petite girl with a medium bust and butt walked out in a MCR tank, black shorts and vans. Her hair was blonde but the bun on her head was midnight blue, dark sunglasses covered her eyes, I wanted to get to know her I felt a special connection with her already it gave me a warm belly my heart rate quickened, my mouth went dry and my toes curled as I watched her.


Oh shit!


A vampire hunter has a few abilities, super stealth, we can move just as fast as a vampire, we have night vision, we can move objects with our minds, we can climb walls and things, along with super hearing in fact all our senses are in HD mode compared to a normal mundane.


But our biggest downfall is we imprint. Our mate is out there and we find them it's like we aren't complete until you find your soulmate. Apparently my new neighbour was mine.


"Miranda!" I yell for my twin sister. Miranda bounds down the stairs, her long multi coloured hair free and wild her face wore light make up, her leather black pants and tight tank paired with a acid wash denim vest made her look very badass.


"What Lucas I was doing something then." Miranda snaps I drop the stake in my hand.


"Miranda I don't care, I just imprinted." I say Miranda's eyes go wide.


"Holy shit! With who?!" She yells I look at the floor.


"Our new neighbours." I say wait for it 1.... 2...... 3 Miranda screams like a 12 year old girl. I wince.


"We have new neighbours our age?" Miranda asks excitedly jumping up and down I nod. Michael rushes down the stairs. Michael is Miranda's soulmate, he is a vampire but he is what we call a half cast.


He was only part vampire the other half is vampire hunter.


Yep Mikey's vampire hunter mother shagged a vamp, his mum wasn't imprinted to the vamp either which made it worse she was banished after Mikey was born.


Only women vampires can change humans, but vampires do breed like normal humans usually. My kind puts an end to all that shit of changing a mundane. The breeding process we don't care about.


I walked away from Michael and Miranda's conversation and watched as my mate carried boxes with the other girl I could hear her conversation so I listened.


"Shanelle! I got it we turn your aunts room into a recording studio." My soulmate has the perfect voice.


I listened more closely hoping to get her name.


"Yes Darcy your a fucking genius." Shanelle says Darcy what a beautiful name.


"I try." Darcy says just as I hear Calum.


"Luke what! He imprinted he has a soul mate well fuck." Calum says he is the only one left of us who hasn't imprinted yet.


"Wow." Is all Ashton's soulmate Stephanie can say.


"Yeah wow." Ash says holding Steph closer to him.


"I'm the only single one left." Cal whines slumping in the couch.


"So you still have us." Steph says Ash kisses her cheek.


"Are we not enough?" Miranda asks dramatically hold a hand her her chest.


I leave the room going into my own room the blue walls were covered in band posters and my selves were disorganized with CDs. I walked over to my window where I saw Darcy open her curtain.


I could feel how she felt it was a mixture of excitement and sadness. She sat on the mattress on the floor of her new house. She picked up a guitar I listened to her play and sing.


"And those times in the middle of the night that you cried I was there holding you. I was always around when you needed me now I-I-I need you more than ever and your not here." Her voice was beautiful it had A husky tone but was pitched high (a/n just imagine Jenna Mcdougall's voice kay?) it was melodic.


She dropped her guitar and sat there staring at her wall a blank look on her face. I watched her.


After just sitting and staring at nothing she finally rose to her mirror. She stared at her reflection grabbing her skinny thigh, some lose skin jiggled Darcy looked defeated. Her disgust washed through me as if her ghost was walking through my body. The darker boy walks into her room. He tells her their leaving and she does. I lie on my bed wondering if I could ever talk to her. I turned my Blink 182 album in listening to Dammit.


Maybe I'll get Miranda and Tessa to pop over there tomorrow. Mine and Miranda's older sister was coming back tomorrow and she would thrive at this idea.


A/n first chapter thoughts? Wrote Darcy's song myself please ask if you would like to use it.



Jenna Mcdougall as Darcy.


5sos as themselves


Rena Lovelis as Miranda


Nia Lovelis as Tessa


Miranda Miller as Shanelle


Zoella as Steph






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