They just don't know you || Niall Horan au ||

The rich missunderstod punk boy that has nothing but fake friends and The missunderstood girl that no one really gets.
What happens when these two paths meet in the middle? Nobody will ever understand us because they just don't know about us.


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


   Ava's pov


 There he is, the mystery boy, who is also called the schools worst bad boy. Some people even say that he do drugs. Even though i don't know him i know that we would never get along especially from everything that I've heard. Plus if i'd bring him home my dad would flip and tell him to leave and never come back. You see my parents are very protective even though i go to college and practically are an adult they still like to think of me as that innocent little girl i was in high school. But then again there is always going to be a childish part of me who watches disney movies and get excited to go to the park and eat poptarts.  

I saw that the bad boy , that i haven't quite catched the name of, was looking at me. I have always felt like he was watching me especially these past few weeks and not in a good way,but a rather creepy one. I don't know what he wants from me but he better stop looking. I turned around and started walking to my locker since i had maths now. I'm just hoping that he won't show up to class today since he likes to watch me from where he is sitting.

When i sat down in one of the chairs i put my math stuff on the table and just waited for the teacher to arrive. The mystery boy slammed the doors open and he looked pissed. Lucky for him that mrs. Abrahams wasn't here or she would of flipped. I know that she has, and he is probably her least favourite out of this whole class. I don't blame her though since he never does his work and sometimes he doesn't even show up to class and especially not on mondays after long weekend with loads of parties, drugs and sometimes even girls.

I have no idea why i'm even thinking about him since clearly what he does is not any of my bussines and i don't even know him. I sighed still waiting for Mrs. Abrahams to arrive and she did a few minutes later with coffee all over her grey pencil skirt. Everyone stopped their conversations and turned to look at her.                                                         " I'm very sorry class but there was a problem on the way here" she said. " I bet there was" The boy sitting in front of me also named Liam said. Why is he always so rude? 

I just flipped trough my math book not really bothering with doing any work when i saw Daisy storming into the class. She was out of breath like she had been running which i bet she had. " Sorry Mrs. Abrahams the traffic is just crazy" Daisy said. " I'll let it slide today since i was late too,  have a seat and get to work because you have a lot of catching up to do" she said and Daisy nodded while thanking her still out of breath. 

I could see Daisy's eyes scanning around the room probably looking for me and when she saw me she smiled and started walking to where i was sitting. " Hey girl " she said and slammed the books down and put her schoolbag under the chair. "Hey , where have you been lately i don't see you around these days" i said and she looked sorry.     " Uh sorry i've just got into a relationship" she said and squealed like a little girl. " Ohh what's his name?" i asked her and smiled because i was truly happy for her. She's been so sad since that Daniel broke her fragile heart into a thousand pieces. We talked about her boyfriend who she told me his name was Zayn.

" Y-you mean Zayn Malik from art class?" i asked her almost shocked and she nodded obviously being proud.           " What the hell Daisy" i said and her smile turned into a frown. " What, is there a problem?" she asked and i thought that she was a bit to harsh but i don't blame her since i was quite rude aswell. But now she got me curious about why she would date him i mean we swore not to even lay a finger neither talk to them. And when i say them i mean him and his little rebellious group with his four friends Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson , Harry Styles and last but not least the Mystery boy.

I know that i said that he didn't have friends but wouldn't count them as friends besides when they are with eachother they drink , get high and flirt with girls. Typical jerks i guess. Me and Daisy didn't talk to eachother for the whole hour or more like she wouldn't talk to me and i knew that she did it on purpose. When we finished she tried to leave as fast as she could but i catched up to her and she sighed. 

" Why?" i asked her and she glared at me. " Aren't you supposed to be happy for me? , Aren't you supposed to be supporting and not be a judgemental bitch" she said and ouch that did sting a little.                                                      " I don't mean any harm i was just asking why him?" i told her and she loosened up. " Look , You wouldn't understand , he is so sweet but no one really gives him the credit he deserves, and that makes me sad because he is not evil, he is literally the nicest guy i've ever met" she said and smiled.                                                                      " Oh okay , you're right maybe i wouldn't understand but we don't know that since you haven't even gave me a chance to meet him" i told her and she immediately shook her head no. " Why not" i whined and she just started walking away.

" Fine be like that then " i said and turned around. So many thought were taking over my head. Why wouldn't she let me meet him? i mean i am her closest friend and why wouldn't i get to meet him if he's so nice and all? Something wasn't right. 

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