I can't love you

Diamond is a typical badass 16 year old girl who is now being sent to a boarding school. What will she find there love,murderers,rapists,players or spies. Read to find out.


1. New school

"Hurry up diamond your going to be late!" I swear to god when my mum screams it's like she's causing a earthquake. " I'm coming mum  give me two minutes at least!" First day of boarding school in England. The only reason I'm being sent there is because I got expelled from 2 schools. You know what I'm glad it's a boarding school because I won't have to see my mum for a LONG time and thank god for that. Don't get me wrong I love her but I need a break from her.  

Time to get going I really hope all the girls aren't two faced bitches or else I'm gonna beat the crap out of them. 

"WOW" was all I could get out of my mouth. This school is like a bloody castle. Ooooo and so many cute boys. I really need to get my mind of my old boyfriend dani (Daniel). 

"That's my head teacher! He looks like a fuking pervert!" My mum turns and glares at me as he gets closer. 

" welcome to Rosefeild high i hope u have a great experience here."

"I highly doubt  that." I replied smugly

He looks like he wants to kill me. LOL! " anyway I am your head teacher mr benson.  Now if you would say good bye to your mother and follow me." He said sternly 

I quietly mumbled bye to my mum and she hugged me as if  she couldn't let go and told me she loved me  and went. So I guess this is my new life for now better make the most of it. Right?

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