kissin on my tattoos.

he doesn't want anybody but her // luke brooks.


1. kissin on my tattoos.

kissin' on my tattoos
he doesn't want anybody but her

Baby I don't blame you
For being in the club
Getting all that love
Cause your so beautiful

Luke sits in his bedroom, strumming his guitar and making a random tune. He needed things to take his mind of the break-up he's just been through and playing the guitar always made him happy. He faked smile around his fans so they wouldn't know that he was hurting inside. Most of them didn't know about his ex-girlfriend, he was a pretty private person when it comes to stuff to do with his personal life. He'd never had a girlfriend - she was his first love and she was so damn special to him but he obviously wasn't to her.

The boys were worried about him but not majorly, he wasn't in great danger of himself or anything. They didn't like seeing him down but they knew he needed time to heal his broken heart. They've all been through it and unfortunately it was time for Luke to experience the pain himself. She made him happy at times. They had a passion for photography together and they'd spend hours taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. It was their special thing.

He knows exactly why they split up - she dumped him and everything else is a blur. He's cried a lot of tears, gained lots of headaches and he doesn't leave his room unless it's to eat or film a video for his fans. His twin brother has tried everything to make him happy, just like Luke did to him when he experienced a broken heart. Hugging didn't work and it made him even sadder. He let her go - it's all his fault. While she's out with other guys, he's sat inside looking at the same four walls constantly.

Now I ain't ever been the jealous type of guy
But i want you to myself, I can't lie
I know we ain't on no one on one thing
But baby, It should change

He normally likes memories. The happy memories though. He doesn't want memories of him and his ex circling his mind constantly when he wants to get over her. It makes him even sadder and the tunes on his guitar become more depressing. Why does it hurt so much? He doesn't want pain. He just wants her back.

Maybe he was the reason they broke up. Whenever another guy looked at her, he'd become overprotective and maybe she got fed up of it. She was probably feeling suffocated but Luke didn't want her to find somebody better. He knew that was all down to insecurities but it ate him up inside. What is she found somebody better? How great would that sound? His first love finds someone much better than him.

He remembers when a guy looked over at his girl in a restaurant and he could see her looking back. She was beautiful so it's no wonder she's getting other male attention. He wasn't a jealous type of guy. He just wanted her to himself. The fact she was looking back, probably checking him out too, made him scared. He just wished his insecurities would escape and never come back. But she proved him right.

It was easy for her to end it on the spot.

But for him, it was hard to let go.

Cause when I be out with other chicks I be thinking bout you
And when you be out on dates you be texting me too
Telling me to come pick you up when he drop you off
I pray to God he ain't breaking you off

She's always texting him, asking for a ride back because her date dropped her somewhere. He only replied once. He knew it was stupid for them both to still be talking. The boys thought it as well but they never spoke their mind. They just wanted him to be happy. Luke knew that he should just let her go. If she was going on dates with other men, she wasn't serious about getting back with him. It killed him inside.

Whenever the boys threw parties at their house, Luke would fake a smile and try talking to other girls. But none of them were as beautiful. None of them were special enough for him. He wanted her and her only.

I don't want nobody but you
Kissin on my tattoos
I don't want nobody but me
Talkin to you
Until you fall asleep

Luke's been forced out his bedroom to go to an interview with the other boys. He knew that meant fake smiles and pretending to be happy to please the fans when they watch it. He didn't want them upset because he was. The interview was in full shape but halfway, his smile kind of faded. He tried to hold it together but it didn't work.

The interviewer was asking who is single and who isn't. It was a hard question for him to ask so he just avoided it. He knew fans would see it and realise something was wrong but for some reason, he didn't really care anymore. He was done with pretending. He wanted her. He wanted her in his arms and he wanted another cute conversation before they eventually fell asleep.

He smiled slightly at the memory. The memory of her kissing him goodnight on his Simba tattoo rather than on his lips and that was again, one of their special things.

We better stop playing (We better stop playing)
Before we mess around and someone gets hurt
I don't want nobody but you (nobody but you)
Kissin on my tattoos

After the interview, the boys stayed to do a few challenges that had been planned. Luke just wanted to go home but he didn't want to look rude and disappoint the interviewers that had planned them. He must admit he did have fun and did actually let a laugh out. It was his real laugh. Not fake or anything, the one that everybody was in love with. You could see the boys smiling to one another - that's all they've wanted. For his laugh and smile to return.

On the way home, Luke was more cheery than he was when they left the house that morning. Even he was shocked that he was smiling and laughing and having a good time with the boys. Something he hasn't done in weeks. Maybe this is just the love he needs. The love of his family and friends and not love from a girl.

Later that night, he sent a text. A text replying to the girl he loves. It was a reply to his usual text message from her. No, it wasn't him offering to walk her home. It was him giving her a word of warning;

Stop playing

He felt good. Maybe he was finally getting over his broken heart.

All my homies wanna know what's up with us
They can't believe that I'm kicking it with just one girl
But I'm cool with that
Them pretty eyes and that smile

Or maybe not. She sent him a text back;

I love you

She was messing with his head, giving him the three words he's been wanting to hear for weeks. Stupid, stupid boy. All his family and friends are confused to why he's hooked on one girl. That girl with the pretty smile and gorgeous eyes and even he didn't know. She messed him up. She didn't deserve his love. But Luke just won't forget about her.

He'll have a broken heart for months.

Until another girl comes along and takes his heart.

Girl I'm a fool for that (yeah I'm a fool for that)
Cause when I be out with other chicks I be thinking bout you
And when you be out on dates you be texting me too
Telling me to come pick you up when he drop you off
I pray to God he ain't breaking you off

He's a big fool. A fool for believing and falling in love with someone like her. He shouldn't be out with other girls and thinking about her. He should be out, enjoying himself and thinking about his future. Thinking about all them other girls. She was never good enough and soon enough, he'll realise.

The fans noticed something was wrong in the interview the boys recorded but Luke avoided their questions. He tweeted them not to worry and that everything was fine but half weren't convinced. He ignored it.

Soon enough, she's going to realise what she missed.

Nobody But you
Kissin on me
Kissin on me

He let her go.

He let her go in the end.

Eventually, he found his smile and his laughter and he realised there's plenty of fish in the sea.

She missed out.

Sooner rather than later, another girl will be kissing his tattoos.


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