dance contest zayn fan fic

about james who was loved dancing but everyone else thought it was a joke until he meet his new best friend zayn


1. i will be a dancer

It was early morning James left for school early. this morning and took his breakfast and went on is skateboard to school he parked his skate board and entered the school  they had a sign on  the board if you love dancing then come and audition in 2 for our dance contest auditions this Friday that's only  2 days from now I want  to do  it but I don't  have a friend to dance with all the kids laughed you entering the dance contest don't make us laugh . ill prove all of you wrong James was this really caring  loving happy guy. but his mum didn't listen to him and would not let him dance. he went on his way home I guess I cant do it he dropped the bag on the floor when he got home ran upstairs and danced for like 2 hours it felt like he was on his own suddenly his got home and looked at James bag she picked up the leaflet that said about the auditions she ran upstairs very angry  what is this this is my  dance audition leaflet listen you are not going to audition yes I am mum no your not because. I had enough of you being a dancer and slammed the door oh and your not going to dance ever again. James opened the window and cried outside when she come outside come on your not a baby get inside right now . listen you cant tell me I can never dance again mum Im talking to you. and went back inside . the next morning James couldn't find his dance clothes where did you hide them I threw them away . ok ill go and buy some new ounces I will find a best friend I can dance with you know oh  you will not  the net morning  James arrived at school and noticed this young guy near the wall looking at the leaflet hi I'm James hi my name is zayn malic  nice to meet you. do you want  to do the dance together we could make a cool friendship dance . ok fine all the girls come running to zany sorry IM with my best friend at the moment they took some paper and planned their dance routine and where they will practise James I have an amazing studio near my house cool maybe we can practise their . yeah maybe that's a good idea ok meet  me hear tonight 6pm and we will go to the studio to practise and put together a dance routine ok fine little did James know his mum was behind the wall listening end of part 1

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