is the populor guy in school really my friend

about a guy who gets bullied all his life what will happen when the most popular guy in school becomes his friend will people be his friend or is the popular guy just pretending o be his friend


1. its hard life not having ay friends and getting bullied

James walked into the school with an unhappy face  look who it is boys its James they all laughed you don't belong hear  do us all a favour and leave the whole  school  cheered   they pushed and took his bag hey what's in hear hey his I pod they smashed it hey not nice oh where scared they laughed  suddenly this really  cool guy come  out  hey I'm Nathan hi I'm James everyone stop bullying James right now.  hey come hear Nathan why are you friends with James  he said I'm not I'm pretending then when he thinks I'm his best friend I leave him. he laughed Good one the bell rang saw James lets go to class  cool he got to class and Nathan  locked the door on him see you  latter  wait let me out of hear Nathan end of part 1

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