Lord of the Rings - Hidden Blood

The One Ring has to be destroyed. And I, Vanya Halda Serke, daughter of Arathorn, travel with the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf the Grey, Aragon Isildurs heir, Legolas prince of the Woodland Realm, Gimli, son of my old friend Gloin and four little hobbits; Frodo the ringbearer and Sam, Pippin and Merry. Together we travel towards Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. But it is not a safe journey, and danger awaits us...


2. Saved by Bilbo Baggins

It has been many nights, since the time when I was found. I do not remember much of what happened, only what happened after.

I was on the ground, my check pressed against it. Shivering with cold, clutching a piece of my mother’s shirt and staying still. I was afraid, though I cannot remember why.

“Someone’s down here!”

I heard a man’s voice call out. I would have screamed, if not for his kind face. The slightly messy hair, brown with soft curls. He reached for me, trying to calm me.

“It’s alright. You’re safe now.”

He said to me, reaching down into the hole, where I hid. I was not afraid of him, not like I had been before. So I took his hand, and held on tight. He pulled me up and out.

He was not much taller than me, I realized. Only a head taller, though he was fully grown. He smiled at me, a little nervous.

“Where’s nana?”

I asked, only wanting to feel the safety of my mother’s arms around me. An even taller man, more like the man that had travelled with mother and I, approached me. He was dressed all in grey. He looked sad, but I did not understand why.


I called, wanting to hear her soft, calm voice. She did not answer.

“The human is dead. He never had a chance to begin with.”

Another man caught my attention. Also at the same height as the first one.

“The elf?”

The tall man asked, still looking at me.

“Dead as well. But she didn’t go down without a fight.”

Another man answered, with dark hair.

“I could imagine why.”

The tall man answered, looking only at me.  He bent down to me, carefully, not to frighten me.

“I want nana.”

I said, even though I was beginning to understand that my mother was never coming back to me. She had paid the ultimate price to protect me.

“What’s your name, my dear?”

The tall man in grey asked me.


I answered, carefully touching the piece of my mother’s shirt.

“It means beautiful.”

The man in grey told me. I smiled, already knowing that, and told him my last name.

“Vanya Serke, but once mama called me Halda too.”

I told him, excepting another translation. But he kept quiet, staring at me in a weird way.

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