Pokemon Black-My Adventure

The adventure of a boy named Lenzile.- I'm going to put (starting in chapter 9) the persons name, then a : after, when they talk, like this; Lenzile:


1. My First Pokemon

Today is the day I get my first pokemon!!! I thought. "Bianca, you're late again!" I said, when she got to my house. "I've known for 10 years that you have no sense of time, but...seriously................."

"Today's the day we can get a pokemon from Professor Juniper!" Cheren told Bianca.

"Lenzile gets to pick first," Cheren and Bianca said together. I can't wait to meet the pokemon! I thought!

Oshawott, I chose you!!! I yelled! Bianca chose Snivy for Cheren and Tepig for herself.

Bianca challenged me to a battle, so I naturally I accepted.

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