friendship is the most important thing

its about a guy that gets bullied and hates school but the boys make him stronger and to stand up for himself


1. i am not going to school

Damion its time to get up for school, I'm not going,. it might be different this year iIll be bullied more mum you never know.   You might like, it ok ill get dressed, good job he had his breakfast and left for school. Have nice day bye he walked to the school bus some boys from damion school ran to him and pushed him hey that wasn't nice they laughed  hey buddy are you ok he looked up it was boys from one direction im fine thanks. w our going to your school today he smiled  lets get on the school bus all the kids hey you don't want to hang out with him hey listen he is a nice person you all  our bullies what did you call us I said your all bullies sit down your not going to hurt me . they sat at the back with James  are you ok  yes im fine. They arrived at school end of part 1 

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