With Your Love

Chloe Grace hasn't been so lucky when it comes to love. She thinks all guys are douche bags, except this one special fella named Harry Styles who has completely swept her of her feet.


1. We're Taking Over Europe

"Chloe babe hurry up." My mother called from downstairs.   

"Coming!" I shouted as I attempted to drag my large suitcase down the stairs. I was leaving to go on tour with my cousin Niall Horan. I've recently had a really awful breakup. So my mother contacted my aunt Maura for some advice. She asked Niall if I could go on tour with him and his band for the remaining two months, to get my mind of things and of course he said yes. Niall was definitely like a brother to me, in fact he is my brother since I don't have one.

My mother smiled expectantly, "Got everything Chlo?" 

"Yeah I think," I replied as I double checked my mental list, "Are you sure you want me to go?" I didn't really want to go I was just excited that I'd get to see Niall.

"It's what's best for you Chloe," My mother placed a kiss on my forehead, "The house may be a little empty with two children gone, but I think you're dad and I can cope. Besides Niall is excited to see you!"

I smiled, "Im excited to see him to." I didn't like talking much after the incident. I didn't trust boys anymore.

"Now lets go, we don't want to miss that expensive flight of yours." My mother chuckled and I rolled my eyes as she placed my suitcase in the car.

On the way to the airport my mother chattered non stop, though her words went in one ear and came out the other. And before I knew it I was standing in Dublin Airport at security check were I turned to face my fate.

"I'm going to miss you mum." I sighed as I looked at the ground.

My mother engulfed me into hug, "I'm going to miss you too baby, but you're going to have an amazing time!"

"Really?" I asked my voice muffled by her brown hair.

"Promise," My mother promised me, "Now have a safe flight! I love you Chloe." 

I smiled as I released from the hug, "I love you too." I waved my hand one last time as my mother faded into the crowd.

I reluctantly got of the airplane, feeling refreshed. I loved airplane rides, there was just something so calming about them. I anxiously looked around for Niall, the only boy I trust. I spotted a pool of blonde hair jumping up and down in the crowd.

"Niall!" I yelled.

"Chloe!" He replied. I ran into his arms were he swept me of my feet into a bear hug.

"I missed you." I smiled.

Niall pecked my cheek, "I missed you more.

"Doubt it." I countered. Niall chuckled as he snaked his arm around my waist leading us to baggage. 

"How have you been cuz." He asked. My eyes flickered to the ground as my smile transformed into a frown. 

Niall's eyes widened as he realized. "Shit Chloe I forgot I'm sorry." He said looking guilty.

I brushed him off, "It's okay." We picked up my bags and then exited the building were a limo awaited. 

I rose my eyebrow at Niall, "So this is how you cruise now?" 

Niall chuckled, "No it's just quicker, we have to be at the tour bus in," He checked his phone, "30 minutes plenty of time." 

"Nice isn't it?" I questioned.

"I guess." He replied.

I chuckled. Fame would never change Niall, I was sure of it.

"You're going to have an amazing time Chloe." Niall brought me to his chest.

I sighed, "Really?"

"Really." He promised me as we got in the car, "You're going to love the boys!"

I snorted, "I won't love any boy ever again." The driver shut the door of the limo and I smiled him a thank you.

Niall frowned, "I'm so sorry Chloe." 

I sighed, " It's okay,"

Niall smiles slightly, "You guys can be friends at least?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Sure." But I didn't have any intentions of befriending any of them. I'd just end up hurt.

After a 25 minute drive we reached the destination. I stared out the window to see a group of fans gathered around the fence that blocked them out of the bus area. 

"2 minutes to spare!" Niall shouted as he almost fell out of the car. The fans and I bursted out laughing he was such a dork. I unbuckled my seatbelt and quickly got out of the car catching up to Niall. As Niall and I walked towards the bus the fans erupted in cheers, some giving me nasty looks and others just smiling politely. I walked up the steps and into the lavishly decorated living room of the tour bus, followed by Niall and my bags. I heard voices, so I peered in to see four boys sitting on the velvet couch.

"Niall! There you are we thought we lost you." A boy with crazy hair and suspenders chuckled.

Niall rolled his eyes, "Yeah because I can totally get lost at an airport."  

"You never know, it could happen with you." The boy wearing nothing but boxers winked.

"Ah, shut up Harry!" Niall chortled. 

"And who's this lovely lady?" A boy with a cute smile and hair asked.

"Boys this is my cousin Chloe, Chloe this is Harry, Liam, Louis, and Zayn." Niall spoke as he pointed to each one in order. I timidly waved at them.

"We'll aren't you pretty." The boy in boxers, Harry flirtatiously smiled at me. I blushed.

Louis cackled, "You think everyone's pretty." 

Niall shot them both looks, "No ones dating my cousin, I mean it, and that's final." He firmly said.

"Are you sure?" Harry waggled his eyebrows at me and I blushed. He was cute. Okay majorly cute. Those green eyes, and that contagious smile. I shook my head, no. No crushing, on anyone.

"Sorry about Harry, he's a weird one." Zayn, I think spoke. I chuckled.

"Harry put some clothes on, were leaving." Liam commanded.

"Yes sir!" Harry saluted as he left the room. I had to giggle.

"He seems fun." Niall chuckled.

"That's a way of putting it," Louis smiled, "he's my boyfriend."

I turned around to face Louis, "You mean you guys are dating?"


Niall and Zayn snickered and Liam rolled his eyes, "No there not dating, they just have a bromance. Louis has a girlfriend."

"And she's right here." On que walked in a girl with wavy brown hair.

"I'm Eleanor." The gorgeous hazel eyed girl introduced herself.

"Chloe." I smiled as I shook her hand.

"You're Niall's cousin right?" She asked.

I smiled, "Yeah I am." 

Eleanor chuckled, "Well, that's good. It gets crazy hanging out with these lunatics, it's about time we had another girl in here." 

"But you loove us." Zayn put in, grinning.

"Especially meee!" Louis sang as he pecked Eleanor's lips. My face fell they looked so cute together. 

Niall noticed so he cleared his troth, "Well we're off!" Sure enough the bus began moving. 

"We're taking over Europe!" Louis cheered.

I rose my eyebrow, "Are we?"

"Duh!" Louis said all sassy and I laughed.

Eleanor rolled her eyes, "Good thing you aren't cocky or anything because we're sharing a bunk. Top or bottom?" 

"Bottom." I replied. There was no good in bonking you're head on the way down.

"Works for me." Eleanor chirped.

"So Chloe you excited?" Liam asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, "Yeah, I mean it's a nice place." I smiled admiring the mini living room.

"That's because I designed it!" Harry boasted in, this time fully clothed thankfully. 

"No you didn't." Zayn countered.

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "I like it anyway." I giggled and once Harry noticed he turned to me and winked at me. Butterflies filled my stomach as I blushed. He really was adorable.



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