Happy Fathers Day

Ruby Waters is like your typical, normal suburban girl with a all in all good life with one part of it missing. Her father. All Ruby wants for her 15th birthday (which is on fathers day) is to finally get her dad back but with obstacles in the way, will her father return or will she find him herself? Find out in my new story.


1. Meet Ruby

Hi, I'm Ruby Crystal Waters (very gemstone orientated name I know). I'm 14 and my birthdays on Sunday 15th June which you all might recognise as fathers day, the only downside to that is that I haven't seen my dad in 12 years as he left me, my mum and my sister who's 2 years younger than me, Scarlett behind whilst he went on his travels and never returned. I have long, brown, curly hair just like my mum and blue eyes, which I'm told is like my dad and seeing as I live in dull, boring Kent in England, the place where the only interesting thing to go on was the death of Peaches Geldof a month ago, I have very pale skin. I really like Disney and I've been with mum and Scar to Florida before Rob came along twice and have a varied music taste. Its currently May and a month today I'll be 15. All I want for my birthday is my dad to come back, tell Scarlett and I he's sorry, try to win back mum and make her divorce her new husband she married 5 years ago and had my little half sister, Pixie with, Rob who I really don't like even though he trys his best with me and Scar, try and make us a family again but that won't happen, maybe once upon a dream that will happen so all I need to do is keep wishing, hoping, praying he will return. 

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