Our Love | {Short Story}

If you are looking for a happy ending, you have come to the wrong place.

© Copyright of Maggi Styles ♡ 2014. All rights reserved.


1. Prologue



Do you ever just want to scream? You just want to scream your feelings cause you don't think anyone is listening or even cares. Do you even know what you would scream? I do. I would yell about how terrified I am to admit the truth about myself. Ive been denying it so long I just thought it would go away. But the desire just gets stronger since I met her. Her name is Lacey Hale. Which is funny because she looks amazing in my favorite white lace dress that I gave her. She always made me smile and laugh. She was the first to know about my sexuality. She was the first to know me, the real Ember Peters. She was my first love. The person I'll always love. I still love her. But she doesn't remember us. To her I'm crazy. It scares me how in a blink of an eye you can forget everything, everyone.

The worst part is she forgot me.

She forgot us

She forgot our love.

But she will remember, I promise she will. She will wake up and just remember everything. She will remember our late night talks about forever. She will remember how I held her. She will remember us. She can't just forget forever, right? We were happy, happy love. I got that from American Horror Story, one of our favorite shows we would watch. She got scared a lot, but I think she faked it just so I would hold her. She would always find ways to get me to hold her. I knew it to. I loved to hold her. She held me once when I couldn't stop crying. But after that I stayed strong for her.

She now calls me Ember. She doesn't call me love, babe, or baby anymore. I want to scream for her to remember.

She just has to remember.

She has to remember that I love her.


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