New World

Annabeth Terri is a gifted child. She thinks that she is normal with all the others. But is she really?

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1. Chapter 1


January 4th, 2040

I'm Annabeth Terri.  I am "gifted".  At least that's what they call it.  I am in 8th grade at a special school called Honeycreek Middle School for Gifted Children.  Its a boarding school, in which we each have our own room.  People think being gifted means you are really smart.  I'm not, but I am very good in arts and crafts and writing.  I hate my name, so my friend calls me Ana or Beth.  I only have one friend.  Yes, I'm a social loser.  Anyway, my only friend is Claire.  She is really nice.  Like, to everyone.  She doesn't know when someone is being mean to her, but she a really good friend to have around.  8th grade sucks.  A lot.  Especially when you are not popular.  No, wait life sucks.

-Annabeth Terri 

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