Rants of a fan girl

We all are obsessed about something or someone famous. Join the club!!


1. The Awkwardnesssssss (caution: this rant is REALLY long)

 So, I hate bragging, but I have met SEVERAL celebs in my life on accident in public or random places, outside of organized places like concerts. (all are indian, so I'm not sure if u guys would know if I told u who).

whether it's on accident or organized, it's always awkward AS HELL!!!

Also, it's usually my mom that asks if we can take a picture, because hello, IM SHY!!! But ya, it feels like my whole life just got so much brighter, and that one wrong move can throw it in to the blender.  

One time, when I was on a trip in Switzerland,  I walked up to this celeb and asked for a pic. HE DIDNT SAY ONE F-ING WORD TO ME AT ALL!!!! U mad bro? U DEAF/MUTE BRO???? This just adds to the whole pressure and awkwardness thing!! I didn't do the whole "I love u I worship u i want to marry u" thing, (lol his wife was standing right there), so I didn't say anything to annoy him. BUT IT SEEMED LIKE MY WHOLE EXISTENCE TROUBLED HIM!!! Jeez if ur gonna hate on me don't do it in front of me!! It's ur loss!!!! MWAHAHAHAH ONE ANGRY FAN CAN CHANGE MANY!!!!! 

but this other time, I met this actress in an airport, where she was casually walking around and waiting for her flight (no one really knew who she was) and I asked her and briefly chatted with her. She practically side-hugged me in the pic!!!! Well, I was happy then!!

the most recent time, however, was probably THE BEST. I met a musician on a plane to india and he asked me if I sing/am learning music (I am). Then he hugged me, kissed my forehead, and took a pic with me!! If all celebs were like that, life would be soooo much better!!!! 

after every single occurrence, I always have stomach butterflies for days and brag to everyone about what happened! Which is called.....anyone know?.........(jeopardy music).......YES!! FANGIRLING!!!!!!!



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