Harry's twin sister

Elizabeth Styles is Harry Styles twin sister who ran away at the age 16 after Harry went to bootcamp for the X Factor. What happens when they meet again will harry remember her? Will there be romance? If so then which boy will win her heart?

Sorry if this is really bad it's my first movella


1. prologue

Elizabeth's POV

It's been almost four years since I last saw my family after I ran away, I now that Harry is famous and in a band called One direction, Gemma has moved out and mum got remarried. I still keep in contact with mum she still thinks I'm the sad girl still but she is wrong I'm happier now but I'm kinda sad because I don't get to see my family but I have a new family and friends you see after i ran away I went to live in a home for homeless teens and got adopted a few days later by the Smith family my old name was Elizabeth Styles but now it's Elizabeth Smith.

A/N I know this is short but I suck at writhing stories but I need help if you have an idea what to wright then please email me at ilikefood2003@hotmail.com thanks

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