The Pandora

In a world of Realms. A Prince is captured and placed in an underground labyrinth. Follow the group who is determined to rescue their best friend from The Pandora. Hi, this is just a short story. Its just to give you a taste of a new series I'm going to write called The Realms. If you like it please comment.


1. The Pandora

‘Javan has been captured and we must get him back,’ I thought while walking through the damp, gloomy and musty underground caves of the Earth Realm. Loch was leading, batting away all the spiders in their glistening webs. He stopped suddenly and I carelessly ran into his back, Jay, who was following me, stopped just in time. 

“Watch where you’re going, Kacey!” they both said simultaneously. I ignored them and looked further into the darkness where I saw a cavern. I walked straight past the two confused boys, heading towards our destination. I stopped just outside of the entrance. I looked around the corner cautiously, jumping backwards when I saw what awaited us in the cave. The Pandora. The gigantic, green, snake like creature slithered in front of me. My brave companions caught up and peaked around the corner, they too jumped backwards at the sight of this beast. They pulled out their swords but I blocked their path. We had to make a plan.

“Okay boys, I’ll distract it and you sneak around and find Javan.” I started towards the entrance but a strong arm pulled me back. I looked up into Jays’ light green eyes quickly then turned away. I had to do this. For all of us.

“Save Javan. He’s our best friend. Don’t worry about me. ”

“How can we?” Loch said. But without a second glance I ran straight into the sights of the Pandora. I pulled the bow from the case around my shoulders and loaded a powerful poisoned arrow. I pulled the shaft backwards, taking aim. I released the arrow, letting it soar through the air, hitting the beast in the left eye. I fired another arrow that hit its right eye. A terrible screech filled the silence of the cavern. I was about to pull out my sword to finish it off when I felt a heavy dampness on my body and a stinging sensation in my chest. I realized it was the venom of the Pandora. As I tried to escape, I heard a deep husky voice call out as it ran towards me.

“Kacey, stay with us.” I smiled at Loch. They came back.


I woke in the pitch black cave. I sat upright but fell back with the pain. I created, with the little strength I had, a light ball between my hands. I looked at my chest that was covered with a bandage.

“Loch? Jay?” I called to my companions desperately.

“We’re here,” Jay replied.

“Do we have Javan? Is the Pandora dead? Where are we? What happened?”

“The Pandora is dead, we moved you to a small tunnel.” And with that I jumped up, finding Javan and hugged him closely despite the searing pain in my chest. They had found him.


We could finally get out of here now that our mission was over. We can begin our journey through the seven realms to home. No matter how dangerous, 

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