What if the straight were gay?

What if the straight were gay?
What if everything was different for boys and girls to go out?
Melanie Armstrong, is gay. She likes a boy Danny, who avoids her in Secondary school.
She struggles to face the bullies herself, and it leaves her in a terrible situation...


1. twelve years old, that's when it happened...

Dear diary, 

Schools were just allowing gay people to show their affection of love. They suddenly realize that it wasn't such a bad thing after all. But my mother would freak if she had found out, and her girlfriend would think poorly of me. Some people already think I'm gay... ever since i was twelve years old. When I was twelve, it used to be different- the younger ones wouldn't care as much as teenagers do. They would think that the gay were just looking for attention and that they'll eventually turn again one day. I was sitting with my old group of friends, until i realized i had feelings for Danny. He was cute, i have to admit that. But what i thought, I would've been called sick. My mother already thinks I'm a rebel because of how i apparently look like a boy. She's even starting to get suspicious of me being gay. I am deciding to write this in my journal, so if everything goes wrong in my life, and some one happens to find my diary- maybe when the gay are fully accepted, they'd know what I'm experiencing. 

It all started from a smile at Danny- I thought he liked me back then to because he smiled in the same way back. That cheeky grin smile that made me grin wide until my mouth ached. 

And then when we got to middle school, things changed between us. Danny had gotten uncomfortable around me, and started avoiding me because others picked on the way I looked. 

He didn't even stick up for me. 

Nor did my other old group of friends. 

I really didn't know what the problem was with me looking so different from everybody else... 

In the end we were all humans looking for a perfect relationship...

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