Hermione Granger and the It's-LeviOSa-not-Leviosaaa

Hermione Granger's perspective of Harry Potter and the Philosephers Stone. Made for laughs. :)
© 2014
Great inspiration from Draco Malfoy and the Rejected Handshake by Mirlotta, Nightstar13, Lunallamabrianappleshine and Mohogany Pumpkin.<------fan them and read their movellas! :D


1. ME!

Just to begin with, I am NOT that arrogant kind of person, that everyone has been categorizing me as...I just have a really high level of confidence. Ok, really really high level of confidence. ALRIGHT, a really really REALLY high level of confidence. So what....

Anyways, back to me-Oh we were talking about me, anyways-I'm Hermione Jean Granger but I preferred to be called The Intelligant One. For short, TIO. :) 

This is my diary and...to be honest, it's a diary so you shouldn't be looking at it. But, I'll let you off...stranger...because it's probably just filled with my cleverness and beauty. DO NOT COMMENT! Some people say that I look like a ferret and I'm like, "wtf,"-which stands for What The Ferret, I've heard muggles say it differently but they must have accents which makes words end in "ck".

People, also, say that I have buck tooth and bushy hair. I like the terms, bigger and BRIGHTER teeth, who just needs to be exposed...to the world...the whole world...and as for my hair, it's just really-to be truthful, I have nothing for my hair. But I still think it's beautiful. Isn't it, Alex. Alex is what I call my hair. It's just so beautiful that it NEEDS a name. But if things that are beautiful have names, why does Ron have a name? And it also means every part of me needs a name. 

Ron. Ron. Ron. The more I say it, the more I wanna puke. I met him on the Hogwarts Express today. I'll tell you everything that happened today. I'll tell you tomorrow because it's late, like mid-day late and I need my sleep. 

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