What Might Have Been: A Harry Potter Fanfiction {Sequel to What If}

Sanashta Snape is not a fan of dimension-hopping, but when your changeling friend is in immeasurable danger, what're you gonna do? (Takes place right after the epilogue of What If)


1. Cycle

September first of 2039 started white, warm, and boring, just as every day before it always had been.

Sanashta "Sasha" Sarabelle Snape never tired of how uneventful her life was. Heck, she hadn't aged past 21 since she reached that age physically. Nothing. Ever. Changed.

The Place that Might Have Been was a place that Sasha, and its countless other inhabitants, knew like the backs of their hands. Which, much like the place itself, never changed. It was filled to the brim with locations, books, and people that may have been if their authors, architects, and parents had made alternate decisions.

Sasha was what might have happened if Severus Snape had not called Lily Evans a 'mudblood,' thus ending the friendship and budding romance. She often wondered what her parents were like, what friends she might have had. She even had a faint idea of a younger brother or sister, so she knew that the plan including her was well underway until her would've-been father screwed up.

Right now, however, she had to make do with the 'real' Meadow Black and her would've-been half-sister Helen Potter (Lily had been a month pregnant with Helen at the time of her death, and Meadow Black had been replaced by a changeling).

The Meadow Black that currently existed was, in fact, the last living changeling, and the wife of James Potter II, mother of two. Quite good friends with Sasha, Other Meadow, and Helen, actually.

So when Sasha opened up a parchment telling her that there was impending doom for Meadow Bellatrix Black regarding a child she was pregnant with (she hadn't found out yet), well, no questions passed her mind on what to do.

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