Theif in the Shadows


1. Shadow Dwealer

Daicara P.O.V

  "Daicara it's you're turn for gathering of food." "fine" I head out to find an abandon camp site, fully stocked. I stay in the shadows just in case. I find a spot close enough to grab and dash. "I see you hanging in the shadows." He pinned me up the wall that was in the light. He looked at me  as he cocked his head. "A girl...What are you doing here all alone?" "I was trying to find food for my camp, I thought this spot was abandon." "Well you thought wrong. Now you're camp won't ever find you again." He took out a dagger and pressed the blade up to my neck. I was digging my nails into his arm. "Daicara! Daicara!" I woke up screaming. "Daicara did you have a bad dream?" "No." "Are you sure? Because I've never seen someone dig their nails that far into in to their palms." I look down and release the grip on my hands. They were bloody. Kili a dwarf that's in my camp, helped me up. "Thanks Kili." "No problem. Let's get your hands rinsed off." He took me to the water hole and helped me wash my hands off. "Hi Kili!" These cocky girls said. "Hi." He took me to a private spot to wrap up my hands. "Kili time to go." "Okay be there in a Second. Daicara, I want you to have this." He handed me a black, polished stone. "My mother gave it to me to remind me of my promise." "What was it? The promise?" "To come back home to her. But she died." "I can't take this from you! You need something to remember her." "I can't keep it. It will put me out of misery knowing that something that special is with someone special to me." "KILI! Here! Now!" "I have to go." "Wait!" He looked back at me and waved as he left. "What did he mean as is 'someone special to me?" I sprinted to my cabin, grabbed my brother's armor, an axe and caught up to the boat. I jumped over a railing etc.... and finally got in the boat. "Welcome aboard soldier!" The only spot open was next to Kili. "Names! " "Fili" "Kili" "Oin" "Gloin" "Dwalin" "Balin" "Bifur" "Bofur" "Bombur" "Dori" "Nori" "Ori" The leader of the group, Thorin, points to me and says "I've never seen you here before, What is your name?" "Dair, sir." "Dair." "Yes sir." He gave me a weird look.

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