Baby Horan (a Niall Horan fan fic)



1. prologue

My name is Ambreann Styles, Brea for short. Im Harry Styles little sister,yes the Harry Styles from One Direction. My best friend is Niall Horan. Im in love with him. He doesn't know yet. Harry and the other boys know. They tease me about it all the time.

Brea's pov-

I am sitting at home watching the Telly when someone knocks on the door. I go answer it and i see the boys. "Hey guys!" "Hey Brea!" They all say. I let them in and went in the kitchen and got some grapes when Niall followed me. I smile to my self then i realize he looks like he needs to tell me something. "Want a grape" i ask him sitting on the counter. "S-sure" he takes one "Ni whats wrong" i pull him to me "I'm in love with you Brea" he blurts out "im in love with you to Ni! I have been since i met you." He grabs my waist and kisses me passionately as i kiss back with a smile. As the kiss gets deeper i wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I pull him closer as i pull away smiling. "I love you Brea" "i love you too Ni"i say as i rest my head on his shoulder.

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