For the Trapped in a Virtual Reality competition. A story of endless love and the lengths two people will go to for the person they love. How far will you go?


1. Love is Never Easy


There was a dusting of freckles on the bridge of her nose, framed by her rosy cheeks. He loved that. She didn’t hide herself with makeup like the other girls did. She didn’t bother with the facetious ways of the common girl. She wore what she liked and said what she liked.

‘Another sip of wine?’ He asked her, she leaned in toward him with a coy smile. He wanted nothing more than to kiss her just then, to just grab hold of that mousy brown hair and kiss her like movie stars did and fireworks would explode and everyone who told him he would never meet someone would- He stopped himself short, controlling his anger before it appeared on the outside and frightened her.

‘Yes please Vin.’ She grabbed the bottle from his hand and took a huge swig, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and smacking her lips together. Another thing he loved about her.

‘Hey, Lola? You know you’re the perfect girl don’t you?’ He closed the distance between them on the sofa and reached a hand up to tuck a lock of hair behind her ear. She didn’t back away or give him a look of disgust, she looked genuinely pleased.

‘Of course I am Vincent. You made me.’ She replied. Her form flickered just a moment and he remembered. She was just a string of binary code on a page somewhere, a tangled mess of one’s and zero’s. He remembered choosing her features and inserting his personality into the computer and getting Lola’s image. He knew she was perfect and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, have children with her and even grow old with her. All of the things that were impossible to do, he wished them.

‘I wish you were real.’ He whispered, more so to himself than to her but she wasn’t programmed to understand.

‘I am real in here,’ She placed a hand on his shirt where his heart was, ‘and that is all that matters to me.’ She moved in to kiss him but he backed away.

‘You don’t know what I mean. When I leave you and go back… I hate it there! I hate spending a second without you. I want to hold your hand for the rest of my life Lola.’ He implored. She looked confused and cocked her head to the side the way a dog does. He laughed and held her cheek in his hand. She placed one of hers over it.

‘Don’t, please. I just need- I need things to be different.’ Vincent sighed.

‘What’s it like over there Vincent? When you leave- It’s like I disappear. I exist purely for you when you are here. But I know that I am not here, I am nowhere.’ She struggled to explain it but he understood. She was a form created for him online, nothing more than an avatar with a voice.

‘It’s nothing compared to being here with you.’

‘Then stay with me. Stay forever. You can create children for us, would you want children with me Vincent? A child with my eyes and your smile.’ She laughed at the impossible thought but her face looked mournful. Mourning the life she could never have.

‘I can’t stay, you and I know better than anyone that to wish the impossible is a futile task. Let me hold you one last time before I go to work.’ He opened his arms wide and she climbed into his embrace, resting her head under his stubbly chin. He could smell her so clearly, her natural perfume was his favourite smell.

‘If I could to do things differently, I would. If there was a way to…’ He trailed off, not sure what to say to comfort her.

‘Turn me off then. Turn me off until there is a way for you to be with me forever. I can’t live in this state of half living, waiting until you come back so that I can sit with you and wish for things that are impossible. Come back for me when you can stay with me forever.’ She said into his chest. His breath faltered. She sounded so desperate but he couldn’t leave her. It could be years until they found a way for him to permanently become part of the digital world. As it was, he could barely wait ten hours to see her.

‘I-‘ He started but she cut him off with a kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she pressed hard against him as if he might disappear in an instant. It was their movie star kiss.

‘Please.’ She exhaled, tears filling up her eyes. He couldn’t bear to see her in pain, to know he could fix it but to do so would mean leaving her.

‘Ok. If it’s what you want. I can put you in sleep mode. You won’t be aware of anything once I leave up until I switch you back on.’ She nodded carefully, eyes full of excitement.

They stood up together from the sofa, looking each other directly in the eye.

‘I’ll love you forever. You’re the only one.’ She said, grabbing his hand firmly in her own.

Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, but bears it out even to the edge of doom.’ He quoted. She looked at him with a confused expression.

‘It’s Shakespeare. It means that no matter how long I have to wait, I will come back for you because I will always love you.’

‘I don’t know who Shakespeare is but I know you will find a way to come back to me. Go, and know that I love you too Vincent. More than any existential word can describe. I need you more than the virtual air that I breath.’ She whispered in his ear sharing one last kiss, tender this time and full of meaning. It was a kiss that said, ‘I’m not finished here’. A better kiss Vincent could not remember…

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