The Bad Boy's Sister (Complete)

"Harry! I'm tired of you!" I yelled a lot louder then I wanted too. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "I mean everything bad that has happened to me is because of you! I'm sick of it!" I said trowing my hands in the air with anger. "Well It's not like I can just change the fact that your The Bad Boy's Sister" He said cocky. "I don't think you understand Harry! I hate being the bad boy's sister. I always have and always will!" I yelled. You have no idea what he has done to me all because he's 'The bad boy', And me being Ella Styles will always be in the background because of him.


1. The first day


"Ella wake up!, Ella wake up! ELLA WAKE UP!" I herd Harry scream "WAKE UP! YOU LAZY BUTT!" I herd him scream again 

"no five more minutes!" I said in a sleepy voice

 "you don't wanna be late for your first day of school, now do you?" he asked me , UGH I guess he is right. Me and my twin Harry are both going to be Juniors in high school. 

"Fine, I'm up, I'm up!" I said as I was getting out of bed slowly.

I was kinda happy I get to see all my friends again! I guess I'm pretty popular considering my twin is the bad boy of the school! everywhere he goes you see girls staring at him, and the guys wanting to be like him! he has his own group with all of his closest friends, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. They were all considered the most hottest guys in school, My brother included.

"Louis and the group is taking us to school, get ready fast we are leaving in 30 minutes" my brother said as he walked out of my bed room  

hmm...what to wear, what to wear? I looked outside looks hot outside so I decided to wear a short dress with small boots and I did a little make up, Okay I'm ready! 

I wore my hair down and let my brown curls run free. I walked down stares and found Harry's friends already there waiting for us.

"Finally!" Niall said walking up to me 

"well girls need to look perfect" I said and giggled a little 

"we need to go guys!" Harry said he was wearing black skinny jeans and a loose shirt that showed his chest a little 

"SHOT GUN!" Liam said running outside 

me and everyone else followed, Harry was driving 

"your looking pretty today Ella!" Zayn said staring at me up and down 

"thanks..and you look...interesting" I said joking

"Oh really?" he said smiling

"Yep" I said laughing a little 

"Elly! you better cover that up!" Louis said as he popped my bra strap, Oh yeah did I mention some people call me Elly? yeah 

I rolled my eyes "Guy that's my sister your flirting with!" Harry said looking at us 

"Chill out dude I'm just kidding" Zayn and Louis said 

We finally arrived at school as soon as we parked Harry's friends started greeting him and my friends ran up to me as well, probably because Harry was there.

"OMG! girl, You look great" This girl Rose said 

"thanks" I said smiling There were about five girls around me I didn't really know 3 of them I was just looking for Gracie, Gracie has been my best friend since kindergarten. She's the one with long blonde straight hair. 

"So Ella, Lets compare classes!" a red hair girl told me...what's her name again?...

suddenly I found Gracie walking to me I pushed through the crowd and ran to give her a hug 

"GRACIEEE!" I said 

"ELYYY" she said 

"Oh my god girl! Your outfit is so cute!" I told her 

"me? you to!" she said 

I smiled then I remembered she had a crush on Liam "so Liam is over there! we should go over there!" I said to her smirking 

she looked at Liam "he's so cute!" she whispered

"come on! lets go over there!" I said dragging her to Liam 

we finally got to Liam Gracie stood there next to me smiling like a idiot

"Hi Liam!" she said 

"Hey" he said 

"so Liam we should all compare classes" I said trying to get the attention off Gracie

"yeah!" they both agreed 

I have 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 6th periods Gracie YAY! almost every one! 

Gracie has 1st, 2nd, and 5th periods with Liam I have 1st, 2nd, and 7th periods with Liam

"wow guys we have a lot of classes together!" Liam said smiling 

"yeah, well you two can keep talking I'm going to compare classes with Harry" I said they both nodded

I walked over to Harry he was inside next to the lockers talking to some people I pushed trough trying to avoid the guys making dumb comments like "oooh that ass" or "I wanna get with that" Ugh boys are so dumb I got to Harry and said "hey we should compare classes" I said 

"Yeah" he said 

we put our classes next to each other and found out that we only have 2 periods together! 4th, and 6th 

"okay we did it now can you go? " he whispered 

"don't tell me what to do! but I guess, see ya!" I said walking away 

I hate most of Harry's friends except his main ones which are Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam, only because I have known them for a long time 

I herd the belle for first period to ring UGH can school just skip to lunch? I looked at what room I was going in, room 3, History




Finally lunch! I walked with Gracie to find our table, normally we would sit int he biggest table with my brother and his friends and me and y friends, we found that table

"same as last year" I said frowning

"at least now we are seniors and we rule the school!" she said making me laugh 

I sat down next to Rose and Gracie sat next to me, Rose wasn't paying much attention to me since she was sitting next to Harry, and Harry like always was flirting with every girl he thought was pretty. Across from me was a girl named Elizabeth and Sara, they were cool I started eating my pizza that wasn't that good because um Cafeteria food? ew.

  "so Ella! I'm Happy we have 4th period together!" Elizabeth told me 

"yeah me to!" I said happily 

"guys we should play truth or dare, here at school!" Louis said 

"I'm in if Ellas in" Gracie said looking at me. I nodded in agreement then we decided to play truth or dare. I went first.

"Harry truth or dare?" I asked 

"ehh, DARE!" he said 

I smiled evil "I dare you to kiss Amanda stone!" I said   

Amanda stone is the geek of the school, I feel bad for her, but I knew Harry would hate this 

he went up to her and plopped a peck on her cheek and said "that was a dare" and ran away 

not what I had in mind

but what ever 

then It was Harry's turn "Louis truth or dare?" he asked 

"Truth" he said everyone frowned at him "what? I don't trust Harry with dares!" he said laughing 

"smart boy!" I said making some people laugh

"who would you date in this group?" he asked 

"ooh good one Harry!" Zayn said winking at Louis 

"umm well..." Louis said unsure

"come on say it!" Harry said 

"okay probably Ella" he said

"oooooh Louis and Ella!" Sara said 

I was just silent

"okay then" Harry said shocked  

"your turn!" Gracie said pointing to Louis trying to change the subject 

Yeah, Interesting first day 

Then the belle saved me from the awkwardness

Thank you belle!  



 School is finally over! YAY! I walked with Gracie to the place I meet the guy and said my goodbyes to her. I then waited for the guys. 

Where are they? I feel like I'v been waiting forever! 

I decided to go look around. I turned into one of the first hallways and found Harry with a black eye and a bleeding lip and Louis with his shirt ripped and cuts all over his face! Niall was Freaking out next to them , Zayn was hurt as well and Liam bending over like someone hit him in the stomach.

Um, what is happening? 






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