365 days of You

Never put a diary down because as much as life can be boring, your whole life could flip in an instant. Don't think I expected any of this. I only wanted to have a good night and it turned out to be a life changing one instead.


1. Days 1-15

Day 1 
It was the most amazing day. All five boys were on the stage, standing before me, singing as if the world was theirs. They were right as well. My world is theirs. We got a hotel room for tonight, just so we can party all weekend. I'm actually quite sad under all of this excitement. I keep thinking about the fact that I will probably not see them for another year, not ever meet them. It's a struggle for me cause I'm always falling for the people that are out of my reach, that will never fall for me. It is a reoccurring problem that I have. I'm actually hurting myself by being so weak to my feelings. 

Day 2
I'm slightly tipsy at the moment but I had to write this down. I don't think I'll forget it, but I don't ever want to. Even in 40 years, I want be able to look back and remember this. We were at a nightclub in the main part of the city, one that we go to often, and it was probably 11 when there was a bit of a commotion near the bar, a girl screaming and all. I didn't think it was anything, just someone being a psychopath, but when I looked over I saw a very familiar mop of hair and also the familiar blonde quiff next to him. I freaked a little, but managed to push the fangirl in me down, cleaning off my drink and announcing to my sister that I needed another drink. She nodded, standing as well. I walked awkwardly to the bar, making sure I didn't have tags hanging out and my hair wasn't scruffy as I walked. We ended up right next to them at the bar, Harry and Niall, both with drinks in hand, just standing and talking to each other. It was Harry who faced me, Niall's back inches from my shoulder. I'm not actually sure what happened but Harry started talking to us, Niall having a conversation with a guy that I was assuming was their security. He asked us how we were and I'm not sure how I had the ability to speak. I laughed when my sister was so straight forward to him. She pretty much said 'Mate, we don't live under a rock so can we get a photo with you?' Harry laughed but nodded. We got one with Niall as well. I doubt that many people can say that Harry Styles has bought them a drink as well, but that is officially on my list of amazing things. It was probably half an hour that we were together but it was the most amazing half hour of my life. If the alcohol wasn't making me so tired, I would probably just stay awake, going over everything in my head.  

Day 3 
I almost screamed when I seen this! I'm still on a massive high from last night, but now this!!! Oh my god!!!! I printed the photo of his tweet, just so I know that it happened!! 

@Harry_Styles: I really need to find someone! I'm met her last night and she had blonde hair and brown eyes.. We got a photo and I can't find her!! 

Me and Erin are jumping around the hotel room!!  I'm actually screaming! This is the best day of my life, and it's only 11am.. 

Day 3 (Later) 
It got better!!!!!!!! Ahhh!! I posted the photo of me and Niall on twitter and the photo of me and Harry and people started spamming me and retweeting it to Harry. 

@Harry_Styles: You guys are better than the FBI!!!

He found me!!! I'm a little overwhelmed!!! Like, wow!

Day 4 
Harry has been dming me, non stop. He is really sweet, but I still don't know how to react to this. He wants to know everything there is to know about me, but I don't know if I'm ready to share that with him.  
It's our last day in the hotel too, the boys last day in Sydney until the start of next month. They are coming back for more shows. It actually gives me a little relief, a chance to know what Harry is really thinking when I'm not within walking distance of his hotel room. 

Day 5 
I'm in a dilemma. I mean, who wouldn't give Harry effing Styles their mobile number if he asked for it? Who would even hesitate? Me! Erin actually hit me when I asked her opinion, right across the head. I believe the term that she used was, "Why the hell did you hesitate for that? Why do you need to think?" 
It's funny but, because I've never been the girl that just through her phone number at boys screaming 'Booty calls only!' I'd never been a booty call, or any type of call. Never. 
That's why I hesitated. Maybe I also wasn't ready for something like that, or I knew what the outcome would be. He would go back to the UK  and I would be left waiting, longing for him to remember me. And how do I know if he does this with a different girl in every city, having thousands of notches on his belt, me being the slightly broken and scratched one. 
I feel like I'm overanalysing this. What if I don't give him my number and he gives up hope and stops replying? 

Day 6  
We're back home, cosy in the little, never-changing home, the one that we have been in since kindergarten. I could have stayed in that hotel room, a change from similar scenery. 
Erin had to gossip as soon as we got in, having told me that she wouldn't when we were driving back. Yeah, thanks. 
I was actually surprised that my kombi made such a long trip. I'm starting to think I might need a new car. 
Anyway, no one actually believes what we are telling them. I didn't really care, knowing it was useless. It was kind of nice that only Erin and I knew that it was the truth. 

Day 7 
Back to work :( I actually love what I do.. I would love it more once I finished my traineeship, being able to actually get paid full wages and work more than one shift a week. And who wouldn't say that they love working with lions and elephants and that. I know it will be quiet today too because of school holidays finishing tomorrow for most schools. I genuinely love school terms. It means that we only had to deal with the excursions of schools rather than the mass of families. 
Harry asked again for my number, making sure to add about six different sad emoticons. 
I gave in. Yeah, Harry Styles has my phone number and I am here, stuck in traffic, trying to cross the harbour bridge at 6am to get to work. 

Day 8 
I'm tired today.. Too much excitement :) I was thinking last night about how weird the last week has been, and how unexpected. I wouldn't have even dreamt about something like this. It's almost like I'm in a fairytale. 
Harry is so sweet with his texting. He replies straight away sometimes, almost seconds after I've replied to him. Other times it might be hours before he replies, but when he does he tells me a big long story about what he was doing, interviews and performances and it amazes me that he wants to tell me things like that, and is willing to waste his free time texting me. I asked him why he liked me so much and he replied with 'Because you are genuine and you don't waste time with being who you're not. I saw you and you were bubbly and happy, which is who I know you truly are, but I also know that you have been hurting and I don't understand why, but when we were talking, even in that small half hour, I could see that you were in an awkward and uncomfortable situation, like you prefer to be in a quiet environment." 
I did smile to myself until my mum had looked at me and asked what I was smiling stupidly at. 
My reply was "Am I that much of an open book?" The only answer I got was Harry asking what had hurt me. I frowned before answering with an honest answer, "Society." 

Day 9 
The boys are coming back to Sydney in a few days. They are in New Zealand now and Harry told me if I came to see him when they were back, he would give me a present. The present is unnecessary but I'll take it. He asked if I knew any good places that he could take me to dinner. I smiled for about four hours after he asked me that. No one had ever asked me that. 
Erin called me when she was at work as well, the kids at her pre-school were asking her if she could get Harry to visit them, otherwise she wasn't there favourite anymore. The kids there adored her so it was a lie but I asked him anyway. He laughed at my complete randomness and asked where the pre-school was, my answer being it was right near my house, which made him jump straight to yes.
I knew he would want to see where I lived because he was so fascinated in finding out everything about me. 
He also asked if I could take him to the zoo, which made me smile because I had told him that I worked there when we had first started talking and he had remembered. 
He keeps asking about random things that he wants to do as well and I question if he knows how many days he is staying here for, on his short vacation? 

Day 10 
I was on twitter this afternoon and the funniest thing happened. I gained a few hundred followers when Harry had tweeted about me but I checked his page as an instinct, questioning if he actually had time to tweet in between everything. Someone asked if he was dating me and he just replied with a wink face and the words 'Only time will tell' which Liam replied with 'Really? You couldn't pick another line like 'If only I had the balls'?' He had a few Instagram photos and a few vines, which I watched, merely because he was adorable. I tweeted about my need for food and clicked off of the app on my phone. A split seconds later, a text from Harry. It's like he has a camera on me cause he had the weirdest timing. I found out how but when he sheepishly admitted that he got notifications about my tweets. He keeps asking me to FaceTime him as well. I've never FaceTimed anyone. I was having a daggy afternoon too, lounging around in my tights and uggboots, writing parts of the story started five months ago. I told him that and he started quoting What Makes You Beautiful to me until I gave in. 
It was weird being face to face with him like that, knowing it was him that I was texting, knowing that he was sat at a table with the other boys waiting for their dinner. I told them not to judge me cause I hadn't moved off of the couch all day. They all laughed and Zayn, who I had never spoken to asked ,from next to Harry, why girls think they look terrible if they have sat on the lounge all day, Harry smiling and saying that I looked beautiful. 
I'm still not actually sure if my heart is still in my chest or it fell out that night at the club cause I still wasn't sure how I was surviving this.

Day 11
In all of this madness (Better word would be bliss or any other happy, chaotic word) I almost forgot that I'm going to see Olly Murs on Saturday. I hadn't thought about it until my sister mentioned it and Harry asked me what I was doing then. When I told him, he told me to sell the tickets, or give them to someone I knew because he was taking me and my sisters. It was one of those moment where I wanted an emoticon that showed him properly how excited he had just made me, replying with about six of the kissing winking ones. He also told me to bring someone else because it was meant for him and the four boys, but they didn't really feel like going so he had one more spot, which was automatically filled by my younger cousin. 
He keeps laughing at me and keeps telling me to stop thanking him but I just can't help it. 
They are flying back in tomorrow morning and Harry laughed because I told him that I wasn't gonna be awake if his flight was coming any earlier then 9, and it's at 8 so I told him that I would ring him when I woke up, doubting it would be before than and laughing when he said that he was always scared about the airports. I have seen photos and videos and its makes me scared just watching them so I know where he is coming from. 

Day 12 
I actually woke up considerably early due to my excitement. Well, ridiculously early.. When I was talking to Harry on the phone last night, I had an idea if this had happened, and Harry had to do something so I spoke to Niall while he was doing whatever it was, asking if he could help me organise something. It all relied on my speed now, and how fast the car that me and Erin shared would go, without being over the speed limit obviously. I threw a few things in the back of it, clothes cause I don't really know.. It already has a ton of clothes in there because the back of the kombi is like a spare bedroom, bed and all. 

Day 12 (Later) 
His face when he walked in this morning was so cute. There I was, just sitting cross-legged, on the hotel rooms bed. I had never realised how nice these hotel sweets were, and they have such nice views. 
The boys are all having a lazy day, they were all down at the pools but Harry just wants to sit in the room and talk to me, making sure he knows all he hasn't found out yet. He thought it was adorable that I had a diary, and laughed when I told him that I had to write in it everyday, softening as he understood how much I wanted to hold onto certain moments of my day. He keeps reminding me to write down that he is tired but he doesn't want to sleep cause he thinks that I'm going to go home. I've told him that I will stay, I will stay until he wants me to go, or I need to. And I'm assuming by the sound of his soft snoring that he is asleep. Geez, he was tired. 

Day 13 
That was the weirdest situation that has ever happened to me. I don't really know when I fell asleep yesterday, but I woke up at like 8 last night to all of the boys standing over me, smiling. I felt like I had gone to actual heaven. We had room service dinner, in the middle of the hotel's corridor, several bodies sprawled around and talking to each other, not bothering with getting dressed and going out somewhere. They all hadn't had a day off in over a month so it was a well earned break. 
I got interrogated by all of the other boys, all of them asking both inappropriate and understandable questions. I laughed when Louis wrapped an arm around my shoulders and welcomed me to the "pack". That had to be the weirdest and most beautiful and intriguing day of my life. 
I made Harry come with me to my car when I went to get clothes from it. His jaw dropped when he saw the car. He thought I would have had a bit more of a girly or sophisticated car. He did mention something about the "convenient" bed and I almost choked. I guess people couldn't picture me in a beaten up, old kombi. I know that's an exaggerated definition because the car actually looks pretty new.  

Harry also tried to hijack my unsophisticated car this afternoon, hitting the home button on the GPS. I got the hint, not letting him drive but. It was actually quite interesting in the car with him. I had no tinted windows so he jumped in the back as we drove out, shutting the little windows blinds, laughing at there convenience. I wanted to turn around and throw something at him but it would be a bit of a giveaway to the fact that someone was in the back of my car. The girls pointed and whispered as we tried to make our way onto the street. It was weird because I had seen these girls, on twitter and at the concert two weeks ago. They were so young to be allowed to hang around a boy bands hotel all day. 
When we were on the freeway, Harry kept smiling at the people in the at next to us, saying he loved seeing how the people reacted. The best was the old woman who stuck her finger up at him. I almost had to pull over I was laughing that hard. 
There was an awkward silence when Taylor Swift came on the radio, but Harry ended up laughing to break it. He said he didn't mind that I liked her music because she was a great artist. I promised him that if she wrote a song about him, if it was mean, I wouldn't listen, but if it was a sweet song I would because then when I sung along, it would actually be me to him. He just laughed at me trying to make up something logical. 

We got lunch before we went to my house, although he made me go to the McDonald's that my mum ran, making sure he met her. The way people stared at him was unbelievable. They have no discretion. Harry looked way too casual walking through my local mall, in a place where the most famous person anyone had seen was probably someone that had came 12th in Xfactor. 
My mum had ran to come out and say hi. She was fangirling and being blatantly obvious about it. He gave her a hug after she hugged me, which was sweet and embarrassing all at the same time. 
We drove to Erin's pre-school before going to my house, considering it was on the way. Harry was such a kid person, handing me his phone as all the kids climbed all over him, tackling to the ground. I took a photo of the 13 or so kids that were all sitting on top of him. Harry didn't want to leave either. He kept playing for about an hour, Erin laughing when I had to drag him out. 
Harry couldn't stop smiling as I had pulled into my driveway so I switched off the car and turned to him, asking him what he was thinking about. He still hasn't really answered me. He said that he was thinking about how much he would have loved to be able to have a little bit of a more private day, but he loved what he does to much to care, and he also told me it was worth it to meet the people I know. It made me smile thinking about the effort that he was putting in just for me.  

Samantha was home when I unlocked the door, the couch being made into her study area as per usual. She didn't even notice he was with me at first, her face intent on her phone, not her books like you would assume but, again, it is usual. You should have seen her jump when he asked her what she was study. Her head might as well have spun without her body. She tried to act so cool as well and it made me laugh.

Harry walked behind me as I showed him through the small house, down to my little bedroom at the back of the house. He told me he just wanted to throw himself on my bed and stay there. I assuming all the London decor wasn't overwhelming then. I was almost mortified when he saw one of his own album posters up on my wall, but he smiled and told me he loved that. I had completely forgotten to tell mum to take it down. I told him that I loved it cause of the phone box and so it went with my room. He laughed and turned to ask why he wasn't my favourite thing about the picture. I smiled and said, "You used to be, but the picture didn't do you justice." It was funny how big he looked on my tiny room. I felt like his head was going to hit my fan. I sat just so he wouldn't feel awkward sitting next to me. He did and we ended up sitting how I used to when I was bored, our backs pressed to the wall and his feet almost dangling off of the end of my small bed. 

My dad got home before we left again. It was almost six and we had a fair way to drive. Harry looked awkward shaking my dads hand, which made me laugh cause my dad was already in the kitchen shovelling chocolate biscuits into his mouth when they met. That was a way to represent my dad. 

Day 14 
Harry kissed me last night!!! Just a peck but I almost fainted right then and there in the car. I had just parked it in the hotels lot and he had been hiding in the back. I checked my phone before I hopped out of the car and I laughed when he beat me to opening my car door, smiling as he held it for me. It wasn't awkward as such. He just grabbed my hand to stop me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. 

He was asleep when I went to leave for work this morning, a mumble of his voice as I went to leave. He wanted to know where I was going and I just smiled and waved. He was asleep pretty much asleep so he probably wouldn't of remembered. 

I didn't get his text until I checked my phone on my break. It read 'You said you wouldn't leave me :( I woke up to an empty bed and felt lonely.' 
I replied with 'I had to go to work :( I promise, I'll be back as soon as I can.' He just replied with a smiley face which made me laugh. 

I'm just stressing at the moment that we are moving a little too quickly for it to last. I don't really know how relationships start, but is it always this quick?

Day 15 
Harry took me to dinner last night. Well, I took him, because I knew where to go, but he paid, even though I had to help him because he had no idea what notes he was meant to give the girl serving us. It was ironic because it was the best service I ever had at the restaurant. It was like they were freaking out because someone famous was there. It made me laugh. Harry had no idea what he was ordering either and he laughed at the fact that I didn't even have to look at the menu to know what I wanted because I always ordered the same thing. 

He is sleeping at the moment but I can hear the other boys moving around the corridors, Louis' voice echoing over everyone. I met his girlfriend last night. He wanted her to come and see Australia because she hasn't been here before. It was a little bit weird because she seemed so much more classy then me. I felt like she was judging me. Harry has assured me that that just Eleanor when you first meet her but she warms to you and is actually a genuinely nice person. 

I'm taking him into work today, everyone else coming with us as well. It was Niall who decided that everyone was coming, inviting himself and all if the other boys and their security. I told them yesterday that we were coming and Kate, one of the main keepers was so excited. She told me that I had to bring everyone straight to her. 

Day 15 (later) 
I'm so exhausted. We were at the zoo today for around 5 hours. The media followed us for most of that too. Niall was the most excited. He was smiling the whole day. Kate almost died when I took the boys to her. She was so nervous and it made me laugh cause she was usually one of the tougher ones. She was that excited that she took the boys with her into meet some of the animals, the none dangerous ones. She took them in to see the tiger cubs which weren't even on display to the rest of the zoo yet. I got excited just at how excited they were. It was practically empty today. No excursions or anything so we were able to walk around without causing drama, besides with the media. 
It's ironic that Harry makes me feel better, about a lot of things that is. I actually feel like the luckiest girl in the world and Liam told me today that he has never seen Harry look at anyone like he looks at me. 

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