Falling Walls [Shingeki no Kyojin]

Yoko Shizuka was born into the life of confinement. A life, subject to simplicity and death. An on going cycle of hiding inside the walls away from the Titans. Humanity entrusts its survival into the Scouting Legion of which Yoko has become a registered member of. How will she cope when her beloved friends and childhood sweetheart arise to the Legion and change all that was...?


1. Prologue.

"How in the Shinganshina District did you get cinnamon?" I stared with wide eyes at the thin dusting of the brown crystals over the stale bread. It made the prospect of eating off bread just that bit more doable. Eren Jaeger, the closest person to family as I was ever going to get after the incident, dangled the bread teasingly over my head. 

"Want it?" I nodded enthusiastically in response and reached for the sweet treasure my eager lips wanted to meet. 

"Eren! Eren! Stop playing!" I jumped on the spot my fingers mere millimeters from the tasty treat. 

"Shame you're too small." He laughed through his smirking features and dangled the bread a little closer to me. I stared at him with bored eyes and elbowed him unexpectedly in the stomach. He doubled over slightly and the bread met my face. Giggling with content I snatched the bread from his fingers and ran into the barn. Chickens scattered upon my entry and I flung myself down on the few strands of hay on the floor. I admired the bread with my arms stretched away from me. Soon enough, my friend joined me on the floor and we both lay in the hay. 

"Just look at it Eren!" My deep emerald eyes met his and an innocent smile spread over my features. Eren mirrored me and looked at the bread we held so dear. His large eyes glistened slightly before darkening. He sat up and the hay strands hung to his fraying shirt as he rose. I joined him in dusting the hay from our backs and I sat the bread in the palm of my right hand. 

"You leave today... Correct?" Eren didn't even look at me, just snapped the strands before him into yet smaller strands. I released a long sigh over a sad smile.

"Yeah... But, you'll be joining the Military Training tomorrow though, yes?" I took a glance over at him with a light smile over my lips. Eren's fist clenched over the strands he held. 

"Of course. I mean, I'm happy for you, what having been enrolled into the Scouting Legion immediately... But I do wish I could watch over you just a little while longer. Why couldn't we all go together? Why must they take you?" Hurt piled like weights on my back. 

"I'm sorry Eren.. I...I..." I scrunched up my eyes, persuading myself that crying was not necessary. I halved the sweet bread and handed Eren the larger slice of the two, trying my hardest to not lose any valuable crumbs. After a few bites we began to eat faster and faster, our greed finally being satisfied.

"I bought this for our last day. The others don't seem to care.. But I might not ever see my friend again. What if I never see you again Yoko?" I smiled down at the hay, happiness radiating from me as I tried to accept the lighthearted side of our separation. 

"Don't worry Eren. I'll come back to you. All of you. Just make it to the Scouting Legion." I held up my pinky finger and rested my elbow on my knee. "Promise?" Eren curled his sweet cinnamon finger around mine.


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