The Neighbor

When Julia Robertson moves to Sydney Australia, she moves next door to a boy. This boy is always watching her from his window. She finally gives up the nerve and goes over to his house to introduce herself.


1. Moving

Julia's P.O.V



Hi my name is Julia. We just moved to Sydney, Australia. I am quite a bit nervous to go to school. I mean I wont know anyone. I am in my room right now un packing. I am un packing a box when it comes to a picture frame. Me and Jason. My ex. He was too clingy so I eventually broke up with him. I do miss him though.

As I was un packing, I look out my window and see a boy abut my age sitting in his room playing his guitar. I realize his window is open so I open mine to listen.

"She sleeps alone, My heart wants to come home, I wish I was, I wish I was, Beside You, She lies awake, Trying to find the words to say, I wish I was, I wish I was, Beside you". He sings.

I felt a tear roll down my face. I quickly wiped it away knowing the boy was watching me. I was pretending to write in my journal.


Luke's P.O.V

I was in my room practicing Beside You. I am in a band. We are called 5 Seconds Of Summer. Earlier today, a girl my age and her mom moved in next door. I started singing Beside You, forgetting my window was open. I knew she had heard me because her window was open too. She was really pretty. I was scared to go introduce myself. I realized she was writing in her journal. I was pretending to be on my laptop so I could sneak peeks at her. She wasn't noticing. THANK GOD. It would have been embarrassing or something. All of a sudden she got up and left her room.

"Mom, I'm going to meet the neighbors". She yelled.

I started to panic because I was the neighbor. I started fixing my hair and my clothes. ding ding ding

The doorbell, crap.

I ran downstairs and opened the door. There stood the girl.

"Hi, umm, I just moved in next door, im Julia". She said.

"Oh um, hey, im Luke". I said.


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