One Direction Summer Love



1. Chapter 1

So Harry's summer love was a girl named Diana they were really in love, but they quickly realized it wasn't gonna last very long. Diana knew that Harry had to get back on tour and they wouldn't see each other as often. So they tried to live there love out loud! They love each other so much they knew that they could still love with one another and keep in contact. Then Harry had a really big surprise for Diana they were gonna spend there summer in Paris and they were finally going to be able to be alone together. So they decided to have there moment and just gave in. Although what lasted for three months felt just like days! Then Harry had to go back to one direction because there big summer break was over..Diana and Harry were really sad thinking that their not going to see each other in a while.  
                   *A few weeks later*
Dian found out she was pregnant! She called and called Harry..but he never answered her calls... 

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