One Thing (S/A)

Trying to capture the meaning of the beautiful song :)


1. One Thing

There she goes, the girl of my dreams. I know what you're all thinking reading that line, why don't I just go get her?! Truth be told... I wish I could. Usually I'm pretty confident with the ladies, I have no problem with going over and chatting, maybe even getting their number. But this girl, she's something else.

Every time I look at her, my heart races faster than ever before. Just her presence is enough to make me weak, knowing she's there will make me freeze, stuck to the spot where I'm stood. I don't know what it is about her that's gotten into my head but I'd rather her be in my arms. I just wish I had the strength to make her see she should be with me.

There's days where I feel like I'm locked in a cell, climbing the walls in desperation, thoughts of her drive me crazy. Every single day I feel like I'm going out of mind with thoughts of her and ironically she has no idea. Just wish I could catch a break, I mean I don't even know her name. But I need her like I need oxygen.

I just want some sort of inner strength. Enough to make me go over and say y'know what you fill my head with thoughts every single day when all I want is you in my embrace. You almost control my mind when you should just be in my life. You have that something I so desperately need. Every time I feel like I'm there though, I swallow my words.

There she goes again, walking past me as if I don't exist. 'you've got that one thing' I whisper knowing she won't hear and wondering if she'll ever know.


A/N: I know it's short, but thought I'd have a go at the competition thing, may as well take part. Please leave feedback if you enjoyed it, much appreciated.

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