Desperate ~ Niall Horan Romance

When 18-year-old Alison Reed can't take her life any more, she runs. And when she runs, she runs hard. Into Niall Horan. Her ex-boyfriend is a kleptomaniac, who constantly tries to ruin her life. She finds comfort within the arms of Niall Horan and decides to stay a while. When the paparazzi gets the better of her, she does what she does best- run. Will she ever find her way back to Niall, or will she keep running forever?


1. Prolouge


I ran through the dark hallway, my hair flying behind me. I couldn't take it any more. I was going to break, and I needed to get out. I slammed my shoulder against the door and flew out into the cold night. I was breathing hard, hands on my knees. A shout came from inside, and I shut the door and latched it from out here. Then I ran. I ran hard and long and far until I was out of breath. By this time I had reached a cluster of trees. I leaned against one and tried to calm my shaking body. My ex, Rob Trenton, had been chasing me. He hated me, but wanted to use me for my money. My parents are rather rich so I have expensive things, like silver watches and new cars each birthday. Rob and I had only been together for a few months when things started going wrong. His parents were alchoholics so he often stayed at my place. A few small items in my house started to go missing, an earring or ten dollars. But then he started to steal jewels from my parent's collections. All of his theft added up to over £3,000, about $6,000. My parents, who actually told me to date him in the first place, were horrified and alerted the authorities. Since Rob wasn't 18 yet, nothing really happened. But that was two years ago and he is still trying to get to me. I constantly give him expensive gifts, just so he will leave me alone. But he never does.

Author's Note:

Wow, this is really short, sorry. But I don't have any followers yet so I feel like I'm writing to myself. =P I would really appreciate it if you are reading this if you would follow me and comment. I would love to hear your reviews and what you think should happen (later on in the story after I have developed the plot deeper)! Anyway, thanks for reading and I'll add onto this soon!

xoxo Maggie

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