Life Unexpected <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Justin an Shanel have a 4 year old daughter named Payton. Except he has no idea she even exists. Now almost 5 Years later Justin is back in FL recording music and staying in Shanels Dads hotel. What will happen when Justin finds out that the cute little girl who sneaks into his room is actually his daughter? Will he run for the hills or Deal with the fact that somethings in life are truly Unexpected!
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
― Kahlil Gibran
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1. Chapter 1 (JUSTIN!)

May 25th 2012


" I hate you You Shanel!"

Justin said as i looked up.

"But Justin I'm- "

he cut me off.

"Just get a life and leave me alone! What don't you get about that Shanel?"

I looked down

"I just- " "I'm leaving Shanel Don't ever call me again!"

He cut me off once again.

"Justin wait!"

I pleaded He turned around quickly

"you know what you are Nelly a liar and a pathetic loser I cant even look at you how could you hide this from me!"

i felt like crying.

"Justin I'm- " "Just stay the hell out of my life! "

*Beep* *Beep* Beep*

I sat up in bed another nightmare about telling Justin about Payton! I slowly crawled out of bed and walked into the kitchen I stopped and turned around

"Payton Paige Bieber what are you doing?"

I said putting my hands on my hips. She shot up quick

"Hi Mowmmy"

She flashed me the winning Bieber smile just like her dad, I sighed and shook it off before looking back up at her.

"How long have you been up?" " Uwmmm What tiwm iws it?"

I looked at the clock.

"7am" " Ow?"

i keep looking at her as to show her i was still waiting

"Wight ahh ownly a few howers!"

I shook my head

"Payton You know better!"

"Buwt mowm yow down undersawnd! I awmost beawt dis gawm!"

I shook my head god she was so much like her dad

"I sowwy Mowmmy!"

I smiled she was so cute how could i even try to stay mad

"It's fine now shut that off and go get ready to go downstairs! and I'll make you breakfast!" " Me alweady awte but thawnks awnways!"

I raised my eye brow


"Owtay Mowmmy "

She said hopping up and skipping into her bathroom I just smiled and went into mine About 20 mins later we both came out ready to go, She looked so adorable in her little sun dress and carrying her teddy bear my mom gave her and of course her PSP!

" Is that my purse?"

i asked crossing my arms. She smiled at looked up from her game

"yews i wantewd to be juwst liwk yew!"

I smiled and kissed her head.

"well you look great"

She giggled

"So dow yew mowmmy!"

i looked down at what i was wearing just a wildfox red sparkle heart jumper in clean white with a tank and a pair of skinnys!


"Thanks sweetie are you ready"

She nodded her head not looking up from her game! She headed to the door and i followed grabbing my phone and the hotel room key and locking it behind us, She skipped down the hall to the stairs she was scared of the elevator I smiled slightly thinking of Justin and headed down the stairs behind her not even maybe a minute later we were at the front desk she sat down at one of the tables in the lobby, I walked to the desk .

"Morning Dad!"

He looked up and smiled

"Morning sweetie"

He hugged me

"Where is my little love bug?"

I tilted my head back to where she was he looked and laughed

"Playing that game again huh?"

I nodded my head and sighed

"I have no idea what time she even got up this morning when I got up she was already on the game! "

We looked at her

"Stewpid Fweakin Gawm!!!"

she yelled We busted out laughing

"Well I'll be in the back if you need me"

I nodded my head and walked over to where my Friend Bree was

"Morning babes!"

I said walking over to her, she smiled

"Morning Nelly!"

"Is it gonna  be a busy day?"

I asked looking at the papers. She shrugged

"No more that usual another celebrity staying here."

i rolled my eyes whenever a celebrity stayed it was crazy with fans everywhere trying to sneak in

" who is it?"

i asked she shrugged

"don't know yet, just says celeb."

i nodded

"well then we better start figuring out the security."

She nodded and we got to work

(5 hours later)

I sighed and looked at Bree

" thank god that's all done when is the celebrity supposed to be checking in?"

She looked at the papers

"Any minute!"

i nodded

"Well do you think you could handle that while i go help Shawn (The cook) Make Pay some food?"

She smiled

"Of course"

I smiled

"thanks I'll be right back, Payton!"

She looked up

"Yews mowmmy"

"Ill be right listen to aunt Bree and don't leave this spot!"

She nodded and put her nose right back in the game she was playing i rolled my eyes and smiled

"I'll be back soon!"

i said picking up my phone she nodded

"Ok hun!"

i walked through the double doors disappearing into kitchen.

(Justins POV)

"God are we their yet?

Chaz whined We laughed

"Almost like 5 more mins calm down!"

I said sitting next to him.

" I cant bro i'm hungry!" "You just ate!"

Ryan said shaking his head.

"But i'm hungry again!"

He complained i shook my head laughing

"You are always hungry!"

He huffed

"So why Is that a bad thing!" "Cuz you will become a fat ass!"

I said

"Ya dude literally it will all go to your butt!"

Ryan added

"So then I will have a Beyonce booty Like Bam!!!!"

Chaz said pointing to his butt. I rolled my eyes and we busted out laughing,,, Finally the bus came to a stop!

"We are here"

Kenny yelled


Chaz said jumping up. We all grabbed out stuff and made our way into the hotel their was security everywhere on top of crazy fans. We walked into the lobby Scooter and my mom went to the front to get our keys I looked over and saw this little girl playing a PSP she reminded me of someone I just couldn't figure out who It was thinking really hard when scooter interrupted my thoughts

"Ok here are your guys keys! Justin room 698, Kenny will get the bags!" "Lets go eat now!"

Chaz said rubbing his belly Everyone agreed

"Actually i'm not hungry I'ma get a shower and take a nap you guys go!"

I said looking at them.

"You sure?"

Ryan asked

"Ya sweetie you haven't ate all day"

my mom said i nodded

"yeah if i get hungry later ill order room service"

I smiled reassuring her.

"Ok if your sure"

scooter said


Chaz whined I chuckled and my mom kissed me

"Be back soon"

I nodded and started walking before Kenny stopped me

"Yo JB what do you want out of the bus?"

He asked

"My bags and stuff" "Ok"

he nodded I walked just past the little girl and yelled

"Oh ya don't forget the game cube!"

He nodded

"Got it!

I smiled at the little girl who was now looking at me and then headed to the stairs I HATE elevators I walked up them and finally got to my room! I unlocked the door grabbed some clothes out of my bag and headed for the shower.

(Paytons POV)

Iwm siwttiwn hewr pwaying my gawm in peaws when deas woud people cowm in! I cowldnt here what day were sawing but the won was starwing at me! I ignowed iwt awnd pwayed my gawn tiwl won iwdiot yewlled! "HE IS NOW LETS GO BEFORE I DIE!" grrr Stewpid pewpole! Fiwanlly thew stowped tawlking awn weft! The won dat was starwing at me Walked pawst me! beforw anowther guwy stowped him are yew kiwding meh!

"JB what do you want out of the car?"

"my Bags and Stuff "

Hew sawd bawk.


hew wawked juwst pawst mew awnd yeweld

"Oh ya dont forget the game cube!" "Got it!"

My Ewys Showt uwp Awt hiwm a gawm Cuwb! I weally want to try dawt, Hew smiweled awt me den I watched aws he went to da stairs I waited fow hiwm to gewt a liwttle ways den I wooked at awnt Bwee who was buwsy and I followed hiwm to hiws woom I finawly got dear and da biwg Guy Juwst puewt duh gawm iwn and hoowked it uwp I waited tiwl he weft awnd dewn went iwn and starwted pawying it yay dis would bew fuwn!

(Justins POV)

I just got out the shower and I was drying off I cant wait to take a nap *CRASH*


WTH! I opened the door to expect to see Kenny or a crazy fan but instead it was the little girl from the lobby She looked at me she was playing my game cube WTH?

" Iwm Sowwy i was pwaying the gawm awn i gowt mas awnd im sowwy!"

She looked like she was going to cry I stood their shocked for a min then shook my head

"How did you get in here sweetie!"

She was now crying

"I uwm piwked da lowk!"

She said my eyes got wide

"You what? How old are you?"

She puwt her heawd down


I smiled showing her i wasn't mad so she would calm down

"Well my name is Justin Whats your name?"

She kept looking down


i smiled

"Well Payton where is your mommy?" She shrugged

"Well how about I call down to the lobby and see if we cant find her ok?"

"Owtay Cawn i uwm pway da gawm again?"

I was kinda taken aback but then I smiled

" Sure sweetie"

She smiled as she ran to the game and started playing i called the lobby

(Nellys POV)

"Please don't be mad! "

Bree said as i sat my phone down And sighed

"I'm not mad trust me I know how she is she always slips away!"

"I'm so sorry!"

She said again

"I looked everywhere i cant find her"

my dad said i began to panic more.

The phone rang.

" Ill Get it"

bree said as she walked over and answered it I sighed

" it will be ok We will find her she is here somewhere!"

I put my head down

"I'm a horrible mom" "no you're not sweetie"

He patted my back

"Oh my gosh thank god thank you!"

We looked at her

" I know where she is"

Bree said hanging up the phone i shot up


"Room 698"


i ran to the stairs without looking back "

"Wait you should know whose room it-" "its fine!" i said cutting her off and ignoring her I ran up the stairs to the room and opened the door


She ran and hugged me.

"Payton Paige, You Can not just barge into guest rooms like this!" "I diwdnt barwge! I pwiked the lowk!

She said showing me my hair bin she use I sighed rolling my eyes

"yeah remind me to thank Shawn for teaching you that"

she looked down and i sighed bending down to her level.

"Im Sowwy Mowmmy!"

I rubbed her back.

"Its ok but Don't ever do it again! Mommy was worried sick!"

I hugged her and a man walked out of the kitchen my back was to him

"You must be this angels mommy!"

I smiled standing up.

"Yes i am"

i turned around

"I'm so- "

i looked up oh god


I whisper yelled his eyes got about the size of Canada.


i was frozen Justin was standing right in front of me. 

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