It's too late

Zayn Malik. That name reminds me of memories. Bad memories. Yeah, we dated. DATED. Past tense. That was back in highschool. We were the school's cutest couple. Until he cheated. With the school's slut. I left, I couldn't take it anymore. I moved to Ireland and met this boy Niall. We started dating after a while. He auditioned for X-Factor a while into our relationship. I heard he got into a band with other guys. He's coming back to Ireland soon with his bandmates. Anyway my name's Juliana. Juliana Anders, and this is my story.


1. Me!

  Hi my name's Juliana Anders! Okay let me tell you a bit about my self. I live with my parents, Marcy and Jack Anders and my two sisters, Ashley(2) and Kacey(18). I'm 15 years old. I have straight, long, black hair. I have bright blue eyes. I know, weird combination. That's because I'm part Asian part British. Weird I know. I'm very conceded just to warn you! I have a weird obsession with cookies just to let you know. COOKIES! I go to South Shore Highschool(idk made it up). I'm dating this boy named Zayn Malik<3 He's the sweetest boy ever! We've been dating for a year. He's the same age too and we go to the same school. We're the school's cutest couple! My best friend is Krista Mathew. We've know eachother forever! She goes to the same school too. Oh did I tell you I'm captain on the school's football(soccer) team? Well I am! That's how me and Zayn met. He's on the boy's football team. Anyway I think that's all you need to know! Peace out bit- sorry I curse a lot too. Bye! 

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