I'm Done

I'm done with her and her lies. Her constant need for attention! She'd do anything just to get a few people to look at her. I can't take it anymore. She used to be my BFFL now I don't know what she is anymore. Maybe a monster. I can't trust her, and when she tells me something about someone, like every girl does, I don't know if i can believe what she's saying at all.


2. She Who Mustn't Be Named

There's a girl, her name being Brooke Lynn Harten. She has hated me since 3rd grade for no good reason. Everyone says it's because she is jealous,but i think she just has something against me. I don't know why she doesn't like me though. Everyone loves me. They say I'm funny and a good person and stuff. But whatever I try to keep her out of my life.  This is just something i thought i should say so you know who I'm talking about in the future.

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