1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


1. Harry Styles Imagine <3



You just found out you're pregnant of Harry's child. You were beyond excited !! But you wanted the right moment and way to tell him. Since it was almost his birthday you decided to give him a card with the message in it. When Harry came home that night you pretended nothing was going on. Hey Babe Harry said when he came home giving you a kiss. Heyy you say. How was work ?? Nothing new just recording and discussing the new album and stuff Harry answered. Sound like fun you tell him. Hmmm I was thinking about you the whole time Harry said. About me ?? Not about your birthday ?? You said laughing. Also  i was thinking about my present he said with a cheeky smile. Ohh.. I know what you're thinking about Styles you say laughing while messing with his hair. And am i going to get the present i want ?? He asks you. Hmm.. Who knows ?? You say while walking towards the kitchen to get something to drink. Are Lou and El still coming tomorrow you ask him. Yeah they are coming after we went to the studio and El is coming earlier if that's okay with you he asks. Yeah of course that's okay i love El. But when are the rest of the boys coming ?? They are coming the weekend because they are all tired and stuff.  Ohh okay you say while grabbing your drink and walking towards him. After you have put the glass on the coffeetable Harry pulls you on his lap. And what did my beautiful girlfriend do today ?? Hmm.. Not much working and thinking about you you tell him. Oh so you were thinking about me 2 he says while kissing you. Of course i did i always think about you !! You say while sipping your drink.


After a night of cuddling with Harry you both go to bed and you cuddle close to him giving him a goodnight kiss and telling him you love him. While he softly sings to you you fall asleep.





When you wake up the next morning you wring yourself carefully out of Harry's grip and start jumping up and down on the bed while screaming: WAKE UP WAKE UP IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY !!!!! You hear Harry groan and soon you're being pulled down by two strong arms. Well i thought i would be getting a sweet wake up kiss he says pouting. Aww  well i've got a Birth-Day breakfast for you downstairs you tell him while giving him a kiss. When you two walk downstairs Louis & Eleanor are already there and wishing Harry a happy birthday. After you all gave him his presetns you give him the card. What's this he asks. Another present you tell him smiling. Harry opens the card and while he's reading it a big smile is spreading across his face. This is serious he asks you. Absolutely !! You say. Then Harry picks you up and spins you around while kissing and hugging you telling you how much he loves you. Eerhm.. Guys not to break this really sweet moment Louis starts. But what's going on ?? Eleanor finishes. Read the card Harrys says with the biggest smile. When Louis & Eleanor both read the card they are both hugging and kissing you two. I'm so happy for you Eleanor squels. Pleas tell me i can go babyshopping with you to ?? Of course you can El you say laughing while hugging her. You 4 spend the whole day talking laughing and talking about the soon to be coming babe.




*Authors Note* Sooo ?? What did you guys think ?? You liked it ?? Tell me what you think !!

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