A girl named Molly moves to london. She is staying in a holet and meets five hot guys. They are from the boy band named One Direction. Molly is on the same floor as them and she is feeling the blond one named Niall wont leave her alone. Niall ask her to go out for lunch every day and they start to get close when something happens!
If you wont to know you need to reafd to find out.


1. Moving to London

  Molly's P.O.V

  I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off, I did not have work to day but I had to get because I had to go to the air port at 12:00 in the afternoon. I get out of my bed very slowly and stretch. I grab my IPhone that was on my night stand next to my bed and I turned it on. I then I called my friend Lily to talk to her, as soon as Lily answered the her Phone I began to yell saying ''I wont to see you before I have to leave to London" '' well then lets just meet at the coffee place down town ok'' Lily said yelling back at me '' what time do you want to go'' I said into to Phone and then she said ''well lets go at 10:00 so get ready and I will see you there'' '' ok'' I said and then I hang up the Phone and looked at the time and it was 9:02 so I put my phone on my night stand and I ran to my shelve and took a towel and ran into the bathroom shutting the door and turning on the lights as I run into the shower and adjust the water how I like it and then strip down naked and jump in the shower. "SKIP SHOWER".


  As I get out of the shower I wrap my towel around me and pick up the cloths on the floor and throw them in the hamper next to the bathroom door. I open the door and turn off the lights and walk out the door to pick out a outfit to wear. I took out a white bra and under wear and then a hot pink short sleeve shirt and some blue skinny jeans. I then unwrapped myself from my towel and start to get dressed. when I was done getting dressed I looked at the time and it was 9:35 I only had 25 more minutes left so I made my bed and put my pink Nike vans on and walked out the door with my IPhone, keys and money. I locked the door and walk out to my car. I unlocked the car and go in. I started it up and started to head off to the coffee shop which was only 10 minutes from my house "SKIP DRIVING".


   I got to the coffee shop and I could see Lily through the window and I waved, she saw me and waved back. I walk into the coffee shop and sit next to her. Then this women came over to me and I said'' I don't want anything''.  ''Lily I am going to really miss you but I promise I will call you all the time and I will come back and visit time to time and you always will be my best friend." I said to her in a sad voice like I was about to cry. " well can I come and see you I the morning" Lily asked " No, because I am going to be leaving in the morning because it tack two hours to get to the air port from my house and I need to be at the air port by 11:00'' I said '' Ok, but can I come over to night for a little while I can help you pack'' Lily said with a little bit of excitement in her eyes. " yes you can because I have a lot of packing to do" I said as I stand up " thanks" we then get up and start to walk to our cars. I hoped in my car and she hoped in hers and she fowled me back to my place to hang out and pack up. " SKIP CAR RIDE HOME"


  When I got to my house and I get out of my car and Lily was not to far behind me. I waked to the door and then here Lily coming towered me. I open the door and me and Lily walked in. " what happened to all your stuff" Lily said " well I had to get rid of some stuff because I cant bring ever thing" I said as I faced here smiling she smiles back and then she yells out " wear shell we start" " well first I need to pick out my pj's to wear to bed and a outfit to wear in the morning" I said " ok then you do that and I will start to clean the cloths in the dirty cloths basket" Lily said.


   Lily's P.O.V

  '' ok'' Molly said to me and walked to her dresser. So then I walked into her bathroom and grabber th hamper and walked down the hall to the launder room. I through all the cloths in the washer and started it up then I walked back to Molly. She was sitting in here room with her cloths ticked out. " ok let pack up the rest of your cloths Molly" Lily said. Molly got up and got one for her big suitcases because she has a lot of clothes. then we started packing. And started a conversation about what she is going to do in London.


    Three hour later:


       Molly P.O.V.

  We were all done packing and  it was about 5:00 and Lily is getting ready to head on home so we give each other a very long time and as we are hugging Lily says '' you will always be my best friend and I will never forget it'' I started to cry and i said " me either and I will miss you a lot'' the hug ended and she walked out the door and I heard she car start up and drive away and the nose of the car wasn't there any more and I started to cry ever harder as I jumped into my bed to try to go to sleep because it has been a log day and I and tired. As I started to fall asleep my stomach starts to growl so I get out of bed and walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. I take out a slice of pizza that I saved so I had something to eat to night because I had ever thing packed and I just sat down and ate it. I finished up the crust and then I got up and started to walk back to my room to sleep.


    Next morning:


     Molly P.O.V

 I woke up the sound of my alarm going off so I get out of bed and looked at the time and it was 8:00 so I had three hours to get ready. So I took out my little suit case and put my alarm clock in it and then I went and took a shower. As soon as I got out I looked at the time on my IPhone and it was 8:55 so I wrapped my towel around me and went out into my room and got dressed. Then I put my towel and the PJ'S that I wore to bed and I put it into my suitcase and I walk into my bathroom and brushed my hair and let it go down the way it is naturally and then put my shampoo and conditioner on a bag and then shoved it in a empty suit case and then put all my hair stuff and put it in the same one and then I went over to  my bed and striped my blankets and pillows and put it in a suitcase. I was finally ready to go it looked at the time of my phone and it was 9:27 it tacks me two hours to get there so I will be there at 11:27 if I leave now. That is good because I should be there around 11:00 because the plane comes at 12:00. I get out of thee house with all my stuff and the people that are moving in are out there waiting I gave them the keys the house and then walked right by them and got into my car to go to the airport." SKIP CAR RIDE"


   I got to the air port and left my car in the parking lot I did not no what to do with it but I didn't need it any more so I don't care. I get out of the car and start to walk to the airport I looked at my IPhone to see the time it was 11:45 I must of took longer so I run to the airport but I  had heels on so it was hard. I got to the door and they were open I run in and go to the desk to get my ticket I ordered. They quickly asked what my name was an lots of stuff and then they said to run because the plain is going to be leaving in ten minutes so I take the ticket and I start to run. I got to the plain entrance and gave the women my ticket and she showed me where to sit and then someone started to talk over the intercom and they said every one put you seat belts on and enjoy your flight.


     Three hours later:


  I have been on my phone or sleeping the whole time. Then I here another person on the intercom saying we will be landing in five minutes. I was so happy I take out my phone and text Lily that I am going to be landing in five minutes. I instantly got a text back saying I miss you and then I sent back ''miss you too I will talk to when I get to my hotel ok'' she said ''ok'' back and I shut my phone off.




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