The Thing About Ruby Is...

Ruby Gladstone has nothing, or so she thinks. Ruby learns she is descended from the great Gabriel Sebastian Gladstone, demon killer. Not only that but she learns that she is destined to kill the mysterious ruler of the Demons who prefers to work from the shadows and will stop at nothing until Ruby is dead. Can she save not only herself,but the world from this mysterious force? Or will she perish in the flames of the demon race?

Ruby Gladstone is a force to be reckoned with.


1. One


A huge group had gathered around to catch a glimpse of the fight. It was not unusual for teenagers to hang out near the railway tracks and often fights would break out over nothing. This time one boy had misheard the other over the rumbling of metal on the tracks and the loud repetitive whistle that sounded whenever a train approached the stop every half an hour or so. It was very obviously an unfair fight. One boy, who could hardly be called a boy, had a yellowish black eye and a split lip. Both injuries were at least a week old. His muscles flexed threateningly under his too-tight shirt. His opponent on the other hand was at least a foot shorter and kept pushing his wire framed glasses further up his nose. His hands were shaking severely and kept scrunching up then releasing. Every few seconds he would wipe them on his jeans. The crowd packed around them both tightly, pushing and egging them on. The bigger boy lived for these moments. 'Come on Freddie, beat the shit out of him!' was being shouted a lot by other tough looking boys with menacing smiles plastered on their bruised faces. Freddie took a swing but the smaller boy managed to avoid it. He turned toward the crowd, searching for a face. While his back was turned Freddie punched his lower back. He screamed in agony and fell forward, the crowd facilitated him and morphed to the new shape of the circle. Before Freddie could deliver a blow to the boys crotch with his steel toed boot a girl stepped out from the crowd. She hadn't been there a moment ago and no one had noticed her. 'Steady on there. Who do you think you are girly? I'm busy here, go put some lip gloss on and wait by the wall. I'll be over to you when I'm finished off little Dylie here.' Freddie gave the girl a wink and a devilish smile.
'Stop Fred Mallory.Or I will be forced to hurt you.' she said forcefully. The crowd had taken on a hushed tone to hear this mystery girl. She was quite pretty, with curling honey coloured hair that fell short of her shoulders. She had on plain jeans rolled up with black boots. The brass buttons on her rain coat were done up wrong and a Rolling Stones T-shirt was barely visible beneath the badly done up coat. Her make up was minimal but her skin was flawless. She probably made just about every girl in the crowd feel self conscious at that moment.
'How do you know my name?' Freddie asked dumbfounded. His hesitation had given 'Dylie' time to get up. He now stood there, mouth open, rubbing his back furiously.
'If you listen Fred Mallory, you learn. One hears stories, how are the piano lessons going for you?' she asked with a raised eyebrow. Fred's cheeks flushed a bright red.
'Who the hell are you anyway?' some yob yelled from behind Fred. This made the girl smile.
'I am leaving. Come on Dylan Gladstone. We have a train to catch.' Leaving grabbed Dylan's hand and the crowd parted for her, as if she were Moses commanding the Red Sea. A train had just set in and the girl hurried them both onto it. It was virtually empty except for the odd work commuter. She found them a compartment then sat down sighing.
'Jesus Dylan! The shit you get yourself into.' she shook her head.
'Sorry Ruby. That guy was looking for a fight though. Thanks for helping me, how did you know it was Fred Mallory?' Dylan asked.
'After you told me who he was in your last letter I facebooked him. His mother is online too and had a picture of her precious Freddy-Freckles playing piano in a smart suit.' Ruby laughed once, it a loud harsh laugh.
'Have you been home yet? Mum will probably have made a cake and all for you.' He looked out the window as the houses and trees blurred into one.
'No, I came straight off the bus and was going to get the next train, but I saw this crowd and then you. If I wasn't there God knows what would have happened Dyl.' Ruby sighed. Dylan thought she looked exhausted, she had dark purplish circles below her eyes and her lips were pulled tight together.
'Are you still having the dreams?' Dylan asked tenderly. Ruby looked up at him with sad eyes. Eyes that had seen too much.
'Yeah.' was all she said. Then she closed her eyes and pulled her legs up to her chin. The journey home took forty minutes. 

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