A Poem For The Irish

This started off as a bit of a joke of a poem but as it progressed, it took on a more melancholic tone.


1. A Poem For The Irish


Yesterday was Paddy's day,

A day to drink, be merry and sway,

The weather did not dampen spirits,

The Irish are used to it, even cheer it.


Irish people are 'great for the craic',

But often take a lot of flack,

For being not the best at sports,

Like Rugby, Football and others sorts.


They're great with the 'ould horses' though,

And are always pretty much in the know,

About who will come in 1 , 2, 3

Celebrating with diddly idle idle deee.


And on that note, the Irish love to dance,

Whether it's "Shoe The Donkey" or 'Riverdance',

The Irish have rhythm and music in their bones,

That's why everyone claims to be clones.


Irish people are proud of their roots,

A nation of people, with charm - not mute,

A nation that's suffered, been battered and bruised,

A nation, determined never to lose


Its grip on its soul, its longing to be free,

And yet another generation, is lost at sea.




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