Pain and Suffering

After finally being able to go home after being kidnapped by One Direction, Kylie thinks that she is finally going to have a nice relaxed life.

Of course, you can't always get what you want.

Kylie gets bombarded with questions: Who kidnapped you, Why are One Direction here, How did you get pregnant? All of which she isn't ready to answer.

And being Niall Horan's girlfriend doesn't give her any room to lay low either.

Niall and Kylie's relationship is strained with the test of time as someone from Kylie's past comes up to once again steal her heart.

Oh, and not to mention the man who wants to take Kylie away and probably murder her.


1. Chapter 1

 Kylie's POV

I knocked the door three times, took a deep breath again, and stepped back. I glanced over my shoulder, the black van was gone.

I turned back and listened.


I started to walk away when I heard the all too familiar creak of my door opening.

"Can I help you?" a tired voice asked.

I turned around, not looking up.

I heard her gasp.

"Kylie?" the woman whispered. I looked up.

The woman looked like she'd been through hell and back. Her eyes had bags that hadn't been there before. Her laugh lines were gone, it looked as if she had that sad smile for years.

She wrapped me up her arms, and started crying.




"Hi mum."




-Niall's POV

As soon as she was out of sight, I frowned, nervous.

Harry saw this and sighed over dramatically.

"Calm down, its her family, not a fucking gang." he said.

I growled and thought whether or not to punch him.

Wait what?

I shook my head. The stress was making me think weird.

"Shes going to be fine mate. Kylie can handle her mother."

Since when did he know what was good for MY girlfriend?!

Woah there Niall, calm the fuck down. Yes, she's your girlfriend, but Harry is your mate, he cares about her too!

I sighed. This was going to be a long two hours.



Jake's POV

I laughed as Nick swerved on his bike, almost falling over. If we weren't on our bikes right now, I know he would punch me. Instead all he did was growl and mutter a curse under his breath.

Nick and I had just moved back to our home town one week ago. I had called up all my old friends up, of course I called Ally up first.

She, Kylie, Nick and I were the best of friends back in the day. We'd do everything together.

I had actually cried when I found out about Kylie.


Think happy thoughts.

I saw Nick pass me on his bike and I sped up, laughing with him as we neared the corner.

We both slowed down, gasping for air.

I looked around, my eyes finally landed on Kylie's house. I sighed in sadness. 

Nick looked at the house too, but he wasn't sad, he was..surprised?


"Dude, who's that girl on Ky's porch?" he asked.

I looked where he was pointing, "I don't know."

He shushed and pulled me behind a bush as we stared at her.

I watched as just when she was about to leave, Kylies mum came out.

Then suddenly, she grabbed the girl and started crying.

I gasped.



"It's Kylie."


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