Why not us?

A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.


1. Erin

Erin Godwin said good bye to Elyssa and James, her parents, at the departure gates in Gatwick airport. Her mum was crying and she could tell her dad was fighting back the tears. But even though Erin would miss her parents, she was to exited to cry. She had been begging to go to summer camp for years, but the one she desperatly wanted to go to, Camp S in Texas, it was increadibly expensive and Erin had tried to save up but she never seemed to have had enough. This summer however she had finally somehow got all the money she needed and was about to board the plane that would take her to the place she had been dreaming of for years.

This was the first summer she could remember where she wasn't going to be spending it with her friends, and although she would miss them, after chasing this dream for so long she wasn't about to back down.

With one final goodbye to her parents she boarded the plane and sat down in her allocated seat and was happy to find no one would be sitting next to her. That meant she could stretch out on the long flight to America.

She opened her book and began to read, the book was called 'Affectation' by Katy Canavan. Her friend Isabella had given it too her just before she left and so far she was really enjoying it. Sierra, the main character, had a personality alot like her own.

She just couldn't believe that she, Erin Godwin, was going to Camp S.

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