World so cold

This is a story about a girl who's bro is Harry Styles. She has been kidnapped since she was ten. Harry has not seen her since the day of the disappearance, and who knows maybe one day a walk in the park might change thier lives forever.


1. Is this my last day?

        Hi, my name is Emma Styles, Harry Styles twin sister. I have been in this dark, cold, dirty Basement floor since the day I've been kidnapped 8 years ago on march 17th. I stil remember everything that happened that day.


        Harry and I are walking back home from the bakery and a white van pulls up.

     " Excess me darnlin do you know where i am at. could you show me on this map" the man said. Harry was walking ahead and i decided to help him. once i leaned in he put a white rag on my face and i blacked out and when i awoke i was here in the basement that i call hell.

              * End of flashback*

      I here the basement door open and close and comes down the man. He never told me his name he wears a clown mask though and its really creepy.

      " hey there princess" the man said coldly.

     " I am not your princess and never will be" I said back to him.

    " oh we'll see about that" He says. He raises his hand and slaps me across the face and punches me in my stomach as hard as he could. As i lay there in so much pain he leans down and tells me.

      " you are my princess and you always will be" with that he kicks me in the stomach and leaves for work thats when i notice a shiney thing on the ground. I crawl over to it and pick it up and to find he left his keys. I use all my strength to unlock the chain and once they came undone i stood up. I was a little wobbley at first but i just kept moving i made it up to the basement door. I found it unlocked so i slowly open the door. I entered the kitchen area and there was a big glass door leading to patio. I glidded it across and came into the warm fresh summer air i closed the door and walked of the patio and on to a sidewalk. I am free finally free only thing is is where am i ?


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