Liva lives in London with her roommate Line, Liva bumps into Niall at a coffee shop and something between them makes firework from first sight, but will it work? "Sometimes love just ain't enough" they say, can Liva support that quote? Will she find her true love in Niall or end up with a broken heart?


2. Chapter two ~ Thunder.


*Your POV*

We stepped inside our shared flat and took off our shoes. We walked in and sat down on our couch in the tv-room. “So that guy you told me about, who is he?” Line asked. “Like I know that! He spilled coffee on my shirt!” I replied laughing. “Which by the way you’re still wearing” She said pointing at my shirt. “I’ll go change to my pj” I said laughing while standing up. I walked towards my room and shut the door behind me. I dance-walked to my closet and pulled out my “I Moustache You for a Kiss” tee, my Hollister & Co shorts, my slippers and finished off pulling my hair into a messy bun. (Link below) I searched for my phone in my shorts, but remembered I left it in my jeans and therefor picked them up from the floor and picked my phone out. I slid my thumb over the ‘unlock’ place and went into messages. TEXT: “You bumped into me and I spilled coffee all over you, love.” I chuckle to myself and replied: “Oh yeah that’s right, you owe me a new one.” A minute later I receive a text saying: “Okay, meet me at Starbucks tomorrow at 2 o’clock.” I laid my phone on my night table and said goodnight to Line before I went to bed. Before I went to bed I couldn’t help myself from thinking about him, God Liva stop! You don’t even know his name for f*** sakes! I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about him. His beautiful ocean blue eyes. His quaff. His…..ZzzzZzzzZzzzzzz.


I slowly leant in, our lips touching. I looked into his beautiful ocean blue eyes. Let me swim in them please! His tongue slid over my bottom lip. Asking for entrance. I parted mine and our tongues started dancing.

BOOM! Thunder. I’ve always been afraid of the thunder. I wiped my forehead and kicked the clingy sheet of myself. “UGH!” I grunted and threw one of my pillows across the room hitting my wall. “LIVAAAAAAAAA!” I heard Line shout from the other side of the wall. “WHAT?!” I snapped. “BE QUIET AND STOP THROWING WITH PILLOWS!” She shouted. I nodded to myself and turned around on my stomach. BOOM! “Ugh can’t I ever get some sleep?” I mumbled before taking my other pillow and hold it down on top of my head. “Great dream though.” I mumbled thinking about my heated dream kiss with my blue eyed guy. After that I fell asleep. 


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