Liva lives in London with her roommate Line, Liva bumps into Niall at a coffee shop and something between them makes firework from first sight, but will it work? "Sometimes love just ain't enough" they say, can Liva support that quote? Will she find her true love in Niall or end up with a broken heart?


1. Chapter one ~ Coffee.


*Your POV*

I sighed and placed my bags on the ground, closing the door with my foot. Visiting my family in Denmark was always tiring. I dragged myself down the hall and met Line in the kitchen, drinking water from the sink. She looked at me and laughed as I shocked her. “How was it this time?” She asked. “Same as always” I replied shrugging. She nodded wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. “Want to grab a cup of coffee?” She asked “sure” I replied grapping our wallets, handing her hers. We walked to our local Starbucks, sitting down at the 10 feet shop window. After chatting about my visit in Denmark I made my way to the counter and made our orders. As both our coffees came I grabbed both of them and turned on my heels walking towards my previous seat, I looked down at the cups in my hands and screamed as I walked into the taller frame in front of me. “Fuck!” I screamed as I looked down on my shirt. I looked at the person in front of me’s shirt, also covered in coffee. “Shit I’m sorry, love” he said. I looked up at him and met his blue eyes. “Oh uhm it’s o-kay” I stuttered nervously. SHIT he’s hot! my mind screamed. “Would it be okay if I asked you out? Maybe grabbing a cup of coffee?” He asked chuckling. “Yeah, as long we’re grabbing it and not dropping it” I replied smiling. He laughed and handed me his phone for me to type my number. I typed it and handed it back. We said goodbye and I picked up the cups, throwing them out before walking back to Line. She gasped and laughed at my shirt. “Omg look at you! What happened?!” She said laughing. “I bumped into a guy, who spilled coffee over me, but I don’t care because he asked me out. Can we go now?” “W-what?! Where?” She laughed. I pointed and we gathered our stuff, before walking out. On our way home I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket, I smiled and picked it up reading the text: Hey! I’m the one who ruined your shirt…Remember? I chuckled and replied: Hmm no, refresh my mind? I placed my phone back down into my pocket and walked the rest of the walk home with Line.


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