Thinking Of You

A piece originally published in my flash fiction journey movella that I've grown so fond of I couldn't resist entering it into the John Green competition. It's curious how much can be said in saying so little, and feel as though that's one of the key themes to this piece, and a key theme to the notion of emotional pain within itself. Please do feel free to provide feedback of any kind, it's always appreciated xoxo


1. Thinking Of You



The rhythmic thud of the rain, each droplet forcefully propelling itself into the window pane with reckless abandon, was curiously reminiscent of my recent behaviour.

I’d pushed you to take me places you’d never have ventured to of your own volition, pushed you to make my life yours, never once questioning the depth of your cautious glances or reproving grimace.

I found that my hair had become entangled around my fingers as I’d been considering all that had passed between us, the slew of emotions it evoked as intertwined as the wispy strands of hair I began to delicately unpick.

Gizmo’s mournful whine caused me to pull my gaze up from my slender fingers and towards his dark, worldly eyes.

“Any answers, Giz?”

He padded slowly from the room, wagging his tail softly as he went.

The rain continued to fall.

 I hope you’re thinking of me, darling. I can’t stop thinking of you.



They say after a while, people begin to look like their pets, when what they really mean is they begin to take on certain mannerisms exhibited by them.

The same could be said of my sister and you.

There are times when she’ll twirl her hair idly around her fingers, her mind lost to her daydreams. She’ll roll her eyes dramatically when I rebuke her frivolous ways. And sometimes, when night has fallen and the house is shrouded in silence, she’ll whisper her sorrows softly to the cat, as expectant as you when confiding in our dog.

 Your dog.

You’re gone, but your hold over my life is a strong as it ever was.

 I hope you’re thinking of me, darling . I wish I could stop thinking of you.

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