Bestfriend or Boyfriend?



2. I'm Not Dating Him!

"No, I can't!" I shouted into my phone. "Come on please!" Louis begged me again.

"No Louis!" I said again. "Fine. I'm dragging you then." he said. "You're no where near my house, smart one." I said. "That's what you think." he said.

I stopped for a second. I ran over to my window, he wasn't there. Wait. Wait..

Backdoor. I ran downstairs as fast as I could and tried to lock it. But Louis slipped in. "Go get dressed." he pointed up to the stairs, as he put his phone into his pocket.

"No." I threw my head up, and crossed my arms.

"You are going on that date with Joey." he told me. "You don't control my body." I remarked. He smirked and wagged his eyebrows. Next thing I knew I was being carried upstairs bridal style by my bestfriend.

"Louis! Put me down!"

"You don't control my body." he mimiced me.

"I hate you." I said as he dropped me on the floor.


He picked out a black pencil skirt, of course. A white blouse, and a skinny black belt. He had some style for a boy.

"Put it on. Seriously, please don't make me put it on for you." he said. I rolled my eyes. "Get out." I said.

I put it on, slipping the pencil skirt up my large legs. I pulled the whit blouse over my head, the shirt being low cut. Of course he'd choose this. I wrapped the belt around my waist. I also put on my black TOMS.

"Toms, seriously. Put on fucking stilettos." he said. "Don't push me." I pointed my finger in his face. I stomped outside, Louis following behind me.

"Go to my car." he said behind me, a little amusement in his voice. "Where do you think I'm going." I snapped back.


Louis likes to do these types of things to me. His other best friend was lonely, so he thought it'd be a great idea to try and set me up with him. But, haha, no. Louis was stupid enough to actually think I'd go along with it. If anything I'd try to make myself look stupid, which is what I did when me and Louis first met. Good times.

"So, Madeline.." Joey started. "Maddie." I simply said, "Maddie, I've actually fancied you for a while." Joey said. Oh god. "Oh," I said.

"So what do you like to do?" he asked. Think of something gross, gross.. "I, eat, uhm, my feet.." I said. I don't know but my brother does it so..

"Oh.." he said..

This was going to be a long night.


After making Joey completely disgusted, Louis started to rant to me. "Oh my god Maddie! He liked you a ton!" he said. "But I didn't.." I said back. "You could've said you didn't like him!" he shouted.

"You forced me you ninny!" I reminded him. He looked at me like I just betrayed him. "What did you call me." he said in a firm tone. "You. Are. A. Ninny." I got up in his face.

He half-nelsoned me, putting me into a headlock. "Loueh!!!" I shouted. "Say you're sorry and you love me." he said struggling to keep me in his death lock. "No!!!" I resisted. I hate him so much. "Say it!"

"NO!" I shouted.

It got tighter, causing me to struggle for breath. "Ok! I LOVE YOU. I'M SO SORRY!" I shouted.

He released me. "God I fucking hate you." I looked to him, smirking. "Love you." he smiled.


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