Bestfriend or Boyfriend?



1. Meet Madeline

"ill be there in two now stfu louis!"

I shoved my Blackberry Torch back in my pocket. But soon to find that it begins to buzz again.

"no need to be frisky. see you soon love. xx"

I rolled my eyes at Louis's remark. I continued my journey to school. Halls Cross, to be exact. I walked up the crossway, seeing my 2 friends. Rose and Ava. I smiled and walked towards them. "Where's Avery?" I asked. "With his friends." Ava blushed. "You guys are going have sexy sex." I teased her. "Shut up!" she growled. "So are you and Louis." Rose smirked.

"No no." I shook my head.

I felt two hands tazer my side, making me squeal. I turned around to see a smirking Louis. "Ugh you bitch!" I slapped his shoulder. He smirked at my 'violent' behavior, as he describes it. "You've been so mean to me lately, Maddie!" Louis states. The girls are snickering as they listen to us bicker.

"Oh please." I said. "Oh please my butthole." he started. "Now hug me you." he opened up his arms, his muscles flexing. "No thanks. I'm good." I said. He smiled evily at me, before bear hugging me. I bit his arm. "Ow!" he said.

"Y-you bit me!" he looked at me like I've just grown 3 heads.

"You should've seen that coming." I winked at him, and continued on with my friends.


"Now what is 4x3?" my teacher asked us. "What are we in 3rd grade?" I mumbled under my breath. Louis obviously heard and started to snicker. My teacher stopped as she heard my remark. "If you're so smart what's the answer?" she looked at me.

I looked at her with a, 'Are you fucking kidding me,' face. "The answer's 12, Mrs.Huttington." I said.

"Well then." she whipped her hair behind her shoulder. What a ninny.

"You sure are smart." Louis had said next to me. "Smarter than your left pinky." I smirked at him. "You sure aren't in football(soccer)."

"Because I'm no David Beckham." I through my nose up. He simply smiled and turned back to pretending to care about math.


I chucked the ball off my fist, sending it over the net. People sent pats on my back as we made another score. I rotated up to the front of the net. Staring face to face with Regina Hemings. The biggest bitch in Halls Cross High. "You sure sucked ass out there." she smirked.

"Says the girl who can't send the volleyball 2 feet into the air." I snapped right back at her. "Watch it then, babe. I know more about your pathetic life than you think." she winked at me. I scowled.

When the ball came over to me, I purposely sent it down on her, perfect little head. She fell down, her hand holding her head. "Oops." I said.

My Phys. Ed teacher blew it off, luckily for me thinking it was a mistake. "You're such a wanker." she growled at me, as the teacher escorted her to the nurse. I smirked back at Rose, who sent me a thumbs up.


A can of soda later, Louis finally came and sat down next to me. "What happened to Stan?" I asked. "He's snogging his bird in the bathroom. I got lonely." he said and leant his head on mine. "So, how was school?" he asked. "hilarious." I laughed. "How?" he asked. "I hit Regina Hemings in the head with a volleyball." I snickered looking at Rose. "It was pure perfection." she added. "Nice." he high fived me.

"Louis, go back to your table." Mrs.V, our lunch mother, told Louis. "Mrs.V, babe, I sit here now!" he said. "No." she raised her eyebrows. "Come on! I promise I won't cause troubles, yeah?" he debated.

"Fine. If you start any kind of trouble, right back to your table." she warned him. Ava rolled her eyes. "You're sitting here now?" she asked. "Yes. Because I know you ladies love me." he said. We all looked at eachother and started to laugh. I smiled and patted his back. "Course we do." I smiled.


There's a taste of my new story! I know exactly how to write it. It's kind of based off a dream I had about my bestfriend/brother. It was really weird. I would tell you how it ended up, but I'd be ruining it for you.. :)

Sorry. :D xx


P.S: I'm starting a new project with my bestfriend, CamrynTommo! She's the girl who I based "A Carrot Won't Cover it" off of. :) She's so sus. (sus means fashionable) idk. we kinda made that up so, bye!

I love all my fans! xx


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