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  • Published: 26 Jan 2013
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For the 1shot41D Valentine's Day competition! Yay cheesiness. ((EDIT: This actually ended up winning first place! Wow! Thank you so much. Never ever expected that. I honestly had planned on deleting as soon as possible because I thought it was so terrible, so doing well was really surprising, especially since all the entries I read were just so great! Thank you for reading!! :D xxxx)) weeeeeee


1. Valentine's Day

Pale lights were strung throughout the grand hall, vases of blue flowers set upon the elegant tablecloths. The guests chatted animatedly amongst themselves as the servers placed steaming plates in front of them, only the bravest attendees of the reception daring to take a bite of the horrendous smelling meal. 

Harry had to admit, a wedding on Valentine's Day was romantic for the bride and groom, but rather inconvenient for everyone else, especially those like himself who were hoping to go out and perhaps even meet someone that evening. 

Doing a quick scan of the room, the curly-haired boy quickly came to the conclusion that he was probably the only person under the age of forty at the dinner. To be honest, he wasn't exactly sure whose wedding this was or why he was invited. Moreover, he had no idea why he accepted. 

He could just picture the rest of the boys seated with their girlfriends, enjoying a cozy evening in some first class restaurant, perhaps sharing a dessert, all the while gazing into their significant other's eyes. Cheesy, adorable, and what he had always wanted. How did he get roped into spending the night with seniors?

"You wanna dance?" The grandmother to his left nudged him with her elbow as the band began to play an awful cover of a fairly popular song from a few decades ago. Not wanting to appear rude, Harry allowed himself to be dragged to the centre of the dance floor, bouncing to the beat and trying his very best to ignore the seventy-year old woman shimmying up against him. Whenever he tried to move away from the grooving lady, she just inched a little closer, wiggling her hips and winking at the tall boy who was feeling as though he was going to be scarred for life after this experience.

Worst Valentine’s Day ever.

After a few more minutes of dancing, he spotted a girl about his age seated at an unoccupied table, a book closed in her lap as she watched him with her hands raised to suppress the giggles. He laughed, excusing himself and then heading in her direction, grateful to see someone without false teeth or a receding hairline .

"What's so funny?" Harry asked, pulling up a chair and taking a seat beside her. She was still snickering, wiping tears from her beneath her glasses. 

"It's just..." She spoke quietly, her words barely audible over the music. "My friend is a fan of yours and... Oh god, she's just gonna die after I tell her Harry Styles was tearing up the dance floor with my granny."

He grinned, fixing a loose curl. She was really cute. 

"That's your grandmother?" He chuckled, the girl's cheeks a dark shade of crimson for no apparent reason. "She's pretty awesome." The girl shyly brushed her hair behind her ear. 

"Yeah..." She mumbled, her fingers toying with the leather cover of her book.

"What's your name, love?" Harry smiled, two perfect dimples chiseled into his cheeks. 

"I'm Audrey." She shook his hand, praying that he doesn't notice how sweaty her palms were. Seconds later, the song ended, a slower one beginning, the elderly filing towards the dance floor with their arms around their partner. 

"You want to dance with me?" Harry invited, Audrey immediately shaking her head. 

"Erm, no. I'm sorry." She murmured, tucking her hands beneath her knees. "I don't dance."

"Oh." Harry frowned, tapping his foot restlessly against the leg of his chair. "Would you like to go for a walk with me, then?" She paused for a second, before tentatively taking his outstretched hand and following him outside into the cool evening. 

Outdoors, the night was fresh and cool from the afternoon rain, yet still unnaturally warm for a February, the clouds pulled back in the sky to reveal the stars. Audrey inhaled at the sight of the infinite lights dotting the heavens. Having lived in a city as big as London for her whole life, only on the rarest of occasions did the girl get to see the evening at its finest. 

Harry noticed her expression, smiling to himself as the two of them crossed over the bridge above the trickling stream to the park adjacent to the establishment in which the reception was held. They found themselves in a concealed corner of the wide garden, their feet slapping the wet brick path on their route to the park bench.

When the two teenagers took their seats, Audrey made a point of subtly sliding as far away as possible from the famous singer. She wasn't even sure why she did, it just happened naturally, out of pure reflexes. Harry didn't seem to mind though. 

Whenever he met a girl he liked, she always ended up throwing herself at him, and as attractive as he might have found her, desperation is one trait he can't stand.

That was one reason why he liked Audrey. He also liked the soft tinge of pink in her cheeks whenever he smiled at her. He admired the way her glasses would begin to slide down her nose, clumsy fingers hastily shoving them back up to her face. He even liked the blemishes she had tried so hard to hide and the fact that the belt wrapped around the waist of her dress was longer than most girls would care to admit.

He had hardly known her ten minutes and he could already tell that Audrey was genuine. She was real.

Audrey wouldn't be the type of girl to chase Harry back to his house, only to disappear the next morning as he cooked her breakfast. She was sweet, her face jeweled with innocence, a quiet girl who liked to take things slow, which was a big difference compared to Harry's usual fast pace.

He already knew that she was exactly what he’d been looking for.

"So," Audrey cleared her throat, startling Harry out of his thoughts. "What's someone like you doing at this wedding, especially on Valentine's Day?"

Harry crinkled his nose.

"Someone like me?" He said thoughtfully. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you're Harry Styles." She shrugged. "I would've assumed that you'd be out partying or hanging with your girlfriend. This is definitely the last place I would've guessed I'd meet you."

He laughed, sliding a tiny bit closer to the dark-haired girl.

"Me too." He grinned, meeting her eyes for a second before she instantly looked away.

In the still clearing of the small brush, the band's music was muffled and faint, but still loud enough that Harry could pick out the words to one of his favourite songs.

"Do you want to dance now?" He offered once again, hopping from his seat. Audrey's eyes grew round.

"Here?" She peered around the cramped space, her eyebrows crossed skeptically. "I don't think so."

"But why not?" The curly-haired boy whined, grabbing her small hand and tugging her into a standing position. "Come dance with me, Audrey."

"I don't want to dance." She yanked her hand away, her lips pursed. "I don't like dancing."

"You don't like dancing?" Harry repeated. "But why not?"

Her mouth remained a tight line, causing him to continue prodding until she cracked.

"Fine! Enough, already." She burst out, crossing her arms over her chest. "I don't like dancing because I'm big and awkward and clumsy and I look stupid when I do it. I don't want you to laugh at me."

It's not until she sniffled, whimpering like a lost puppy, that Harry's heart completely shattered.

"Oh god, please don't cry." He dropped down beside her, slipping a strong arm around her trembling shoulders. "I would never laugh at you, I swear. Never."

"I'm sorry." She mumbled, covering her eyes. "I'm being dumb again."

"No you're not." Harry assured her, snatching her elbows and hauling her to her feet. "Come here."

He held her hands as he stared down at their shoes. 

"Step on my toes." He ordered, the girl quickly shaking her head.

"Oh no, Harry, I'm too heavy." She tried to pull her hands out of his grip, but he grasped them too tightly. "I should just be going back, anyway. Granny is probably-"

"Audrey..." The boy warned, gently nudging her foot with his own. "You're not too heavy. Just do it. We're going to dance."

She admitted defeat, gently stepping onto Harry's dress shoes, clutching his forearms for balance. The young woman sneaked a glance at his face, examining his eyes for any hint of pain, but he just smiled and began to waltz her around the garden. 

"Harry..." Her tone was uncertain, the tall lad sliding his arms around her waist to steady her.

"Shh." He hissed, grinning reassuringly. "Don't worry. You're dancing."

The two of them spun around, her dress billowing out around her as she released a small giggle, pressing her head against Harry's chest quaking with laughter. Three songs later, Audrey finally spoke again, her fingers digging into the back of his suit.

"That was fun." She hopped off his toes, running her hands down his arms until he caught them in his.

"Wasn't it?" He led her back down the path towards the bridge. "I quite like dancing."

She just smiled, the two of them showered in tiny water droplets falling from the seemingly clear sky. Soon they were back in front of the doors, about to step inside when Harry dug through his pocket, pulling out his phone.

"I'm going to call you sometime." He passed her the device. "We're gonna hang out, okay?"

Audrey nodded, punching in her number and then handing it back to the singer. He turned on his heel, slinking back to the reception. With a dreamy sigh, she leaned back against the stair railing and stared up at the sparkling sky.

What just happened?

"Sorry, I almost forgot." Harry poked his head out of the door, stepping through and pressing two soft lips onto her cheek. He winked, revealing a smile shining with a thousand watts. "Happy Valentine's day."




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