Happy Valentine's Day

One-shot of Harry Styles. Emma plans on spending Valentine's Day on playing video games, but Harry doesn't seem to agree and uses his own methods to try and subdue her. Who wins?
I've made it pretty ambiguous by not adding a back story because I wanted to focus more on the romance and fluff (since I'm not particularly good at it.)


1. Video Games


“Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma!”  Sung a harmonious voice. I recognised who it was instantly and smiled, but refused to look up. Valentine's Day was never a big thing for me. My family, friends and my boyfriend knew that. Nevertheless, every year he would try and get me involved in something; whether it was forcing me in a dumb dress and making me wear those stupid things called high heels (or as I like to call them a death trap for feet, extra high for extra pain) to take me out, or buying me an overly priced gift. Personally, I blame myself for being too submissive. It wasn’t as though I didn’t appreciate them; it was that I was just wanted to spend time with him. Bags, clothes, money, I was never interested in any of those materialistic things from a young age. I suppose that was the part of me that I’m glad hadn’t changed.


I was sat on the large leather sofa, my fingers wrapped around the game controller and my thumb was continuously hitting the attack button. The sofa cushion elevated from underneath me as a certain Mr Styles had decided to sit to my right. The sound of leather creaked noisily as he shuffled about. I was momentarily distracted, but was once again focused back to the blaring TV screen.


“Emma?” I could hear his amusement in his deep voice, “do you really plan on playing video games for the whole day?” I slowly nodded my head and smirked, there was no way he was going to be subdue me this time. As I heard him chuckle, the sound of leather creaked again, only louder and closer to me this time. I bit my bottom lip and gripped my controller harder, determined not to give in so easily. He was so close to me that I could feel his body heat brushing against my skin.


My cheeks grew warm as he whispered in my right ear, “Don’t you want your gift?” I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up as my shoulders tensed; I knew this was not going to go down well for me. I took a deep breath in and stubbornly shook my head, my eyes still glued to the TV screen. Once again, the sofa shifted a little from his pathetic attempt to hold back his laughter. Suddenly, my shoulders felt heavy and surprisingly warm for some unknown reason, until I realised that he was resting his arm on me, pulling me closer to his chest. I could smell the scent of soap and aftershave that was lingering around him, the scent that I was well accustomed to.


“Really?” Harry gently asked again, his voice sounded a little distracted. I didn't give back a response. Instead, I was watching him from the corner of my eye whilst he trailed his index finger on my jaw line, going up and down. I could feel butterfly's gliding restlessly in my stomach. It was funny how even though we had been together for a long time that moments like these made me act like we had just met for the first time. His face looked as if he was using all of his attention to concentrate on where his finger was trailing, his eyes were shadowed by his wild brown curls yet I could still see the twinkle that danced in his olive-green eyes. I felt nervous, with his face being so close to mine, so much so that my throat was going dry and I gulped. As soon as I did his eyes snapped up and stared into mine.


My body froze, ignoring any signals from my brain telling me to do something. We remained in this position for a while until the TV shouted “Game Over!” I looked up and groaned; I didn’t want to think about all the time I had just wasted to get so far for nothing. I could feel his body vibrating from laughter as he gently placed his head on my shoulder, his soft hair tickling my neck. I twisted myself so that I could see him better until he quickly lifted his head up, grabbing my wrists and bringing me even closer to him, before resting his forehead against mine. I could feel his warm breath brushing against my lips as he removed his left hand from my wrist to cup my face, tenderly stroking his thumb against my cheek.


“Well I did plan for us to have dinner at this new Italian restaurant down the street and serenading to you there,” he murmured as his smile grew bigger, “but now that I think about it, I’d rather just spend the time here with you playing video games.” He gently pressed his lips against mine for a brief second and then broke away; his eyes were filled with warmth and happiness as he grinned.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Emma.”

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