Only One Step

A poem for a danish poetry competition... Please, do not copy it!


1. ~ Digt ~

What do you do?
when you are standing at the edge of darkness.
You are looking down and sees,
that darkness is only reflecting yourself.
you feel like falling
what do you have to loose?

You looking back and sees your life.
it is passing by like always
it's all too grey and empty.
would it matter if you died?
Would the would went by without notices,
that you are gone?

what makes you not to jump?
you should ask yourself
feeling the desire to jump.
the desire to be one with the sorrow and horror.
Then why not jump?

the soft darkness is waiting.
let the darkness crawl into your heart.
Let it consume it.
Just let it all go.
let the bittersweet sounds of misery cradle you.
let it into your heart.
let it stop your beating.
And feel the peaceful death taking over.
You are standing with the one foot over the edge.

Feel your life running out.
like a little flowing fire in the icecold blizzard-
Feel the numbness of your soul.
the darkness has taking over your heart.
but it is not over yet.
what do you do?
You only need one step
the final step to end it all?

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